Carne Picada???

starlightfarmNovember 4, 2010

I was purchasing meat for my chili recipe... and stumbled upon a large pack of beef labeled "Carne Picada". Since some of you mentioned that chili is much better with more a smalled dice of meat (instead of ground)... I thought I would try it. It looks like stew beef minced up smaller (but larger than ground).

Does anyone know what cut of beef this normally is?? I'm hoping that it won't be extremely tough... but since I'm cooking it in chili, hopefully it will get tender.

Please tell me that I haven't screwed up!! I can still run to the store tomorrow and get regular ground beef if necessary.

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Starlight - Starbright
First Star I've seen tonight. It's raining here.

It's probably Chuck but might be a mixture of different kinds.
Why don't you call the Market.

Tell them what you are doing and ask what kind of meat, you purchased.


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I use short-ribs for chili. While the beans are cooking, I braise the short-ribs separately in the oven with a bottle of beer and an onion. When they are so tender they fall off the bone they're transferred to the chili pot. The remaining braising liquid is defatted & added to the chili.


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tricia - that chili sounds awesome - I'll be right over!!


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The carne picada sounds perfect for chile. I've never seen it sold here. I buy chuck roast and cut it up myself into medium dice. I cook it long and low until it starts falling apart. I like that texture better than course ground, which is the next best.


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Starlight: Did you find out what meat you bought???

I didn't know you drank!

Chile can be made many ways and using different meats.
I've used Sausage a lot also Beef and Sausage.
Can't eat too Hot !

Sometimes it is cooked slow, like a Pasta Sauce, with a lot of meat and onions added.
Then a can of beans added when it was almost done.

I took some Sauce out of the freezer for tonight, to use with Rigatoni.
Think I'll save enough and do the Chile thing.

Starlight , you are a trouble maker. LOL!!!

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Thanks, Seagrass!

You're right, Lou, I don't drink beer but do sometimes cook with alcoholic products when they are this diluted. By the time those short-ribs are braised & then cooked in the chili with my "mole light" seasoning mixture that beer is unidentifable to my tastebuds. Of course, these days due to the Sjogren's most everything is unidentifable. I failed my last taste test miserably...couldn't tell the difference between a lemon drop & a peppermint but they both brought relief so I didn't care if I couldn't taste.


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