help needed from virginia mist owners

lisaabbyMarch 18, 2011

I found my honed virginia mist slabs and was able to see them today. A few weeks ago I had seen another slab that was already reserved and loved it. Today I really liked it but I feel a little uncertain. On these slabs the "powder sugar" seemed clumped the wind needed to blow a little harder. Part of me thinks that it's right and that I'm not very good at imagining it as a counter/island.

I was just wondering if any of you have a picture of your virginia mist slab and then the final product. It might help me visualize a little better. Thanks so much in advance.

Here's a link to the slabs I saw today for reference.

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I don't own honed VM, but it was in my top three and this is a pic of the slab. I see what you mean. It seems to be missing the "mist" part which IMHO is the part that makes it special. If it was possible, I would keep looking. It's too expensive not to be in love.

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Each slab is different. There were some I did not like.
I would keep searching for the slabs that sing to you.
Don't settle.


These are not mine but from GW

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The white part of your slabs is a little clumpy and striking compared to the black. Not typical for virginia mist.

Here is one of my slabs (before it was honed):

And here are some installed photos:

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I am getting honed vm, but all the ones I have looked at have the more typical white flowing patterns. Your picture doesn't look like vm to me. I am sure it is if they say it is, but I wouldn't like that pattern very much myself.

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Don't have a pic but our slab and counter had more flowing lines closer to the pictures others have posted. I agree with others that I would be looking for other slabs-- the clumps on yours are less attractive to me. Don't think it will look much different as a counter-- the transition from slab to counter isn't really a change.

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Thanks so much for your pictures and thoughts. I'm going to keep looking...I guess it wouldn't be fun if it was so easy! Thanks again, Lisa

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I too think you need to keep looking. The slab you showed looks mis-named to me. That happens all the time at granite yards for all the various granites. VM is so awesomely gorgeous, you should find the right one, not that one. I'll provide a direct link to your pics below, in case others want to weigh in.

Pudgybaby - Gaw! Gulp! That granite is fabulous!

Here is a link that might be useful: Lisaabby's Granite Pics

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pudgybaby---those are beautiful counters! I'm hoping for a similar result.

to the OP: It's so hard to make these choices! I kind of like the movement.

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I agree with everyone else, and I think you should be able to find one that you absolutely love!

Here was my #2 choice for my countertops (ended up going with a white granite that I adore, but I sometimes wonder what my kitchen would look like w/ this slab)

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I am wondering if that is black forest granite, and not VM at all.

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I have VM and looked at quite a few slabs. I never saw anything that looked like lisaabby posted. I don't really think they are VM.

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Ooh, pudgeybaby you are making me rethink my choice. That is one beautiful countertop!!

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pudgeybaby's counters are beautiful and really what i'm trying to find. inspires me to keep searching for just the right thing. i couldn't find any more available slabs but it sounds like one place might receive some in 2-3 weeks.

in the meantime, i went to look at soapstone. so many wonderful comments about here that i had to take a peek. i loved it but the soft barroca would not survive in my household. i also loved the harder belvedere but i can't get a sample until next week. i'll have to wait and see if that is tough enough for my family.

so i'm keeping my fingers crossed that the virginia mist shows up and that the belvedere is very hard so that i have two great options. thanks again for all your thoughts, pictures and suggestions. take care.

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