Recovery files from hard drive?

Konrad___far_northSeptember 7, 2010

Have any of you used a program and successfully got pictures back

from hard drive? Computer crashed and lost files, it's been re formatted

and we will try to recover files, there are some programs out there

to do so....haven't tried yet, it's my wife's thing and she said that she

will try a program....I don't' know which one. I'll let you know what happens.


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My son ran one and got some of mine that I had accidentally "erased" back. But, not too many. Hope you have better luck than I did.

If you haven't done anything else on the computer, it helps. The files are still there, they just need to be "found". At least until you startwriting over them with new material.

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Leo Laporte "tech guy" usually suggests Spin Rite on his radio show. You may want to compare with an independent computer store. They probably have spin rite and maybe the price is not much different for them to do it. I think Leo mentioned it was $75 to buy.

Here is a link that might be useful: spin rite wiki

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Our computer at work crashed and we had to send the hard drive off to a data recovery service. They recovered everything including thousands of photos, but it can be expensive.


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Reformatted! That's scary. If you do manage to recover files, likely it will be fragments of files. It depends on what happened during formatting. If partitions got moved, many files are busted. If the new partitons (end of sector flags) fell where the old partitiosn were, many files can be recovered.

Here's what should have been done to insure maximum recovery of files. Do not do anything that causes a 'write' to the disk. Remove the hard drive and put it in a cartridge designed to convert a hard drive into an external drive. Set its jumper to be slave, or follow instructions for the converter device. Connect it to a working computer and boot that computer. If the computer is able to recognize the drive, you are part way home. It may report that one of your drives needs repairing and asks your permission to do so. [When the comptuer crashed, it left a bunch of files open along with temporary files. These need to be cleaned up] When it asks, answer, yes. If the HD is in working order, the good computer should be able to clean up the files and close all open ones. After that, use my computer to look at a listing of the files on it. You may find that most of your data files are intact.

One warning. Before you connect the now external drive to a good computer, make sure that a good anti-virus program is installed and operable. After the external drive has been auto-cleaned, it might be a good idea to immediately scan the drive before anything else.

If this does not work, and it may not since the drive has been re-formated, you next option is to try recovery software or pay dearly for a recovery service.

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Thank you all!
OK, it was amazing what this program could wife has
chosen this program because it can recover a reformatted hard drive.
It was scanning for several hours and found over 80'000 lost files.
I'm glad that some pictures could be retrieved which I really missed.
So far so good, we still have to go through everything and sort it out.
You download free first to scan your files and preview before you pay
on line, it was $70.00
This program can also recover flash cards.
We still be working on the crashed external, [dead] to see if we can
get "all" files back.


Here is a link that might be useful: Recover my Files

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I'd recommend you to download Hetman Partition Recovery
It can recover files from formatted and repartitioned disks, and undelete files and folders from all types of hard disks, USB flash drives and all types of memory cards such as SD, microSD, SDHC, CompactFlash, Memory Stick etc. Recovered files can be stored on another disk, burned to CD/DVD or uploaded to a remote location via FTP.
Sure,this pay product,but you willn't regret.
Good luck!

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