TPLO surgury

foodonastumpApril 24, 2012

My 1 y.o. mutt (82 pounds, looks like a ridgeback without the ridge) went lame in his hind left leg a couple weeks ago. Vet (first visit since vaccinations/neutering at shelter) diagnosed torn ACL. Tried a cycle of anti-inflammatories, didn't help. Now recommending surgury. Got a referral for a surgical consultation, they agree. Options are TPLO which both seem to prefer due to his size and being an active dog, and - excuse the layman's terms - a cross-stich of fake ACL across the knee.

Questions -

Both make it seem that TPLO is fairly standard surgury with good results. Agree?

Any other options beyond the above two I should be made aware of?

Price for TPLO - $4400-4600. About $1000 less for the cross stich. Reasonable or should I shop around? Long Island, NY prices.

Someone please shoot me for not buying $300/year health insurance offered to me at adoption?

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I'm so sorry you have to go through this, foas. I don't know about the surgery but I do know vet prices here vary wildly, so I would ask around- but find a good one.

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Thanks BB, I've taken your advice and made some calls this morning. Problem is, no one is willing to quote even a ball-park price without a consultation. And the going rate for consultations seems to be $170. I think the law of diminishing returns will kick in pretty quickly. Guess I just have to suck it up.

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Our 100 lb Akita had Tightrope surgery 5 years ago - when she was 4. I felt the TPLO was way too invasive, besides the fact that it was about $2000 more than the tighrope.
She's done very well with it. Really only has any issues on cold mornings - little stiff till she gets going.
Up until recently, she was very active - running, jumping, swimming. She's only slowed down because she became blind due to glaucoma - but that hasn't affected her knee.

I would definitely suggest checking around - not only for differnt prices - but maybe you also want to look at the tightrope surgery.

Too bad you're in NY - there are wonderful vet ortho doctors in Chattanooga & Atlanta - along with several holistic & physical therapy centers.

Good luck with the direction you take.

Katie & Kita

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Hi Katie & Kita - Thanks for your feedback. I spoke with my vet again last night and they could do the "cruciate ligament repair" in-house for nearly $1000 less than the specialist. However, in talking with her I again sensed that she really preferred TPLO for his case. I figure she had nothing to gain by telling me to spend my money elsewhere. So TPLO it is; I've got a call in to schedule surgury.

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