Please help

mistydawn_2008September 26, 2008

Man will someone PLEASE help me>I cant figure out how to get my pictures loaded.They are bigger than 61k. It would be apprecited

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I use Photobucket for posting pictures. Google it and it should come up with the site. Then you will register and be able to download your pictures to it.
I use the href box to post pictures. Someone else can give better directions than I can, but this should get you started.

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Go to and open a free account.
Upload the pictures you want to post to photobucket.
If you need it they have help and tutorials on This page.
After your pictures are uploaded to photobucket find the picture you want to post and click on the 'html code' under that picture (I have circled it the the example that follows). That will select it. Then go to your gardenweb post and paste the 'html code' where you want the picture to appear. You can paste more than one if you want.
When you preview your post the picture or pictures will appear.

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