Yorkie - seizures - Flea & Tick oral application

mazer415April 2, 2012

I have spoken with 2 owners of Yorkies. Both gave their dogs oral applications of flea and tick prevention and both started to have seizures. Both dogs went off the application and the seizures stopped. Thought I would share.

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any idea what the product was?

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No, but both owners immediately took their dogs off the oral application and switched to a topical, no more seizures for either dog.

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Well, since we don't know what that product was, not much help. There are several oral flea products on the market. I have been a practicing vet for over 26 years though and yet to see any of them cause seizures in any breed of dog. Some are a lot less effective than others is the primary difference I see between these products.

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mazer, thanks for the heads-up and reminder that I need to frontline Lucy.

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It was a flea AND tick product...not just flea

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The site I will link below has interesting information about many different flea & tick products for dogs.

I have heard that both imidacloprid and spinosad can cause seizures in some dogs (we use oral spinosad with no ill effects so far).

Here is a link that might be useful: Ingredients list

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