Deer. Here.

chisueMarch 30, 2013

Early this afternoon our Westie spied a deer in the conservancy behind our house. We've seen very, very few deer in the last year, so were interested to watch as three more joined the first one. Eliot gave up trying to make an impression on them from his side of the low fence.

An hour late we were less thrilled to find the four eating the yews in our front yard, 20 feet from my kitchen window. We shooed them away.

Ten minutes ago there were FIVE in the front yard, eating the yews. The four felt safe enough to bring a young 'un along to the feast. Shoooooo!

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Just came from my friend's home and cut a few sprigs of rosemary for a roast tomorrow.

She has rosemary planted all across the front of her yard in front of her shrubbery to keep the deer away.

Works for her.

I have two deer that come up on the side of my condo couple times of week. So enjoy seeing them.

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We really HATE deer and all their destructive ways.

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We have a lot of deer and they do not cause us any damage. Alyssa has the same ones come to their home and she calls them reindeer :)


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we have had some but, but on the busy street we live, 2 have been hit by cars...

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We have deer galore and they are so destructive. They also multiply like rabbits, so if you have five this year you'll have 15 next year. Our township holds a deer cull every year.This year they shot 100 deer and we are still overrun with them. I saw four of them trotting across my mom's backyard last weekend.

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FlamingO in AR

I was watching a pregnant doe eating fawn lilies behind our house just this morning. They are welcome to anything I've got, it's been a long cold winter and we had a horrible acorn crop last fall, the poor things have to be starving. I'm sure they're glad spring is beginning here.

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We all have fenced in gardens and what's left the deer eat. No problem....except ....they roam in herds and have no car sense. They get hit all the time. They also harbor ticks, supplying them with a blood food source and in turn harbor lyme disease.

Oh....and they attract predators, we also have mountain lions.

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