Help with kitchen paint color

InxsaryMarch 27, 2014

Hello everyone, I've been lurking for awhile...but now I need help. Having a difficult time finding a color for my kitchen walls. Cabinets are espresso, and we recently had a recycled glass countertop installed, which is blue (blue and white, but mostly blue). I need a color that won't be too overwhelmingly dark, as it's a relatively small space, but will make the blue "pop." Currently experimenting with greys and a dark blue. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!

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Gosh that's pretty! I general, I would be tempted to color match either the very darkest color in the countertop material, or the very lightest (which might be white?). In your case, it sounds like going with a dark blue wouldn't work in your space, but I think white could be stunning.

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Here is a better photo of the kitchen as a whole. Every wall in the house is white....and kinda looks blah next to the cabinets.

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Better photo of the kitchen as a whole....

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Yes, I agree, it does look blah.

Could you color-match an pale icy blue in the countertop? Do you have a small leftover piece you could take with you?

Love, love, LOVE those countertops!

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I love chocolate brown with blue. It's one of my favorite color combos.

I wouldn't paint the walls blue, though. Blues are hard to match, and i think it would have the opposite effect of making the counters stand out. Rather, I'd paint the walls something like Benjamin moore's Sparrow.

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I would stay away from the greys and blues, which will actually keep the blue from being as important. I would rather see you pick a deeper color from your floor tile, and let the blue countertops be the focal point.

I was wondering if you can paint the front of the breakfast bar to match the kitchen cabinets? I think it would make the space more unified and finished.

Down the road, I think it would be great if you could add undercabinet lights, again to make the countertops the focal point.

Pendants over the breakfast bar would be great, especially if you went with something fun in shades of orange glass, which would again help bring out the blue, and would be a fun contrast to the dark cabinetry.

Then add a piece or two (stacked one over the other) on that end wall on the left in the pix that you love, but perhaps has a few hints of the dark blue or some orange.

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Oops, not Sparrow! Way too dark. Meant something like BM Himalayan Trek. If you go to the Benjamin Moore site, you'll see they even pair it up with chocolate brown and a blue as colors it goes well with.

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Agree with Tibbrix: Is there a warmer gray/beige/greige in the counter top?

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