Progress on my dining table!

Mommy4LifeMarch 11, 2013

I know many of you have given me suggestions/direction on where to go with my dining room.
I have picked up the hutch and here it is!! I love how it brightens up the open concept. (Eventually the walls will be painted but it's open concept with Kitchen and living room so that will come much later).
You see the large chairs at the island/counter? Well, those will be changed out with saddle stools. I'm trying to decide on black or antique white like the hutch.
Also, I am in search of a table still. I'm in love with barnwood or farmhouse style tables. I'm thinking a trestle style table in a med/dark stain. Regular table height, not counter height like the table I have in there right now. Thoughts so far? :)
(FYI...I'm working on this sort of fast because I at least want the table and chairs before Easter (held at our house).

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Given the hutch, I could see painted legs + a wood top for a table. Or, painted chairs. It would sort of tie the two together. I would rather see the painted element there vs. the island area.

Beautiful home!

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The island is there to stay. Painted chairs at the island? Or painted chairs at a barnwood table in the dining? I found antique white wood chairs at a local store that match the color of the hutch. Maybe those would tie in good with a dark table and then upholstered chairs at each end? I think I will tie in color/pattern into a rug underneath the table & chairs instead of getting a print on the "head of the table" upholstered chairs. ???

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The hutch looks great in your home! I bet you will have a lot of fun filling it. That will be another way to bring color/pattern to the room.
I think anele meant she'd rather not see painted saddle stools at the island, not that she'd rather not see an island in the kitchen. I agree. I'd rather see the black saddle stools at the island.
It sounds like the chairs you found at a local store would be a nice addition to your dining room. I like your idea of the painted chairs, dark table and upholstered chairs at each end of the table.

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Something like this would look great, note the white chairs and I'd do white at the counter too.

Here is a link that might be useful: table

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Mommy4life, sorry for the confusion! Bac is right-- I didn't mean I'd change the island. I love it! I just meant if you are going to use something painted, I'd keep it in the DR, near the hutch.

I like your chair ideas a lot. I think something with some curves at the top might be a good choice, to soften up the area a bit. :)

Pretty table, Yaya!

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I was just thinking of your DR when I came across the latest Apartment Therapy newsletter.
The example of different all white chairs may work for you, especially with the rustic barn table you were envisioning.

Here is a link that might be useful: paint for dining room chairs

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