Heron in vivid...

juanitalAugust 1, 2012

Pretty much shot on the fly-as I was driving by a local stream I past an opening through bushes caught a glimpse of this heron. I had to back up slowly, as they are pretty flighty birds. I raised the camera took a shot-ah man its too dark! so I adjusted quickly hoping it would be better. This is that shot! Was poised to take another-he flew...

Picture Control-vivid setting w a Nikon D300 and 70-300Vr lens

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You got it,..turned out pretty good!

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I love your picture!!! We live in So. Calif. have a lake near our house and sometimes I see a Great Blue Heron...takes my breath away when they fly across the lake. A few weeks ago a great blue landed in my almost empty swimming pool...he flew up a little into some branches and sat there looking right at me!!! He finally flew up and over me. I'll never forget how he stayed and kept looking at me.

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I think that turned out great. That branch he's on must be really big. LOVE the dark green backdrop, looks like a jungle.

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