Fantastic Water Drops

silverpl105August 3, 2008

These photos for the water drop are very nice, I like them...

Just guess they are photoshopped.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fantastic Water Drops

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Amazing alright, however they are done.

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Those are pretty cool, tho!

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Really fantastic water drops.

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Glad you like them, they are photoshoped though.

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Does it say they're photo-shopped?

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I don't think there were photo-shopped other than to adjust the color. I recall seeing similar high-speed photos several years ago. The color was from lighitng effects, in some cases, light was bounced off brightly colored backgrounds. Drops of liquid were dropped into calm pools of the same or diffetent liquids. Similar experiments have been done with milk as the working fluid. Earlier experiments were high speed movies. The exposure time per frame was in the vicinity of 1/1000 sec, although nice frames can be made at slower speeds. The more viscous the fluid, the slower the exposure can be.

The falling droplets are tricky to achieve. Water in free fall assumes a sperical shape, but that shape will be distorted in actual practice, by air currents and oscillation of the globule itself. The drops have to be carefully made and the flow must be consistent to achieve proper timing of the photo exposure. Fantastic shapes occur in the water spout immediately following a drop's impact with a fluid or surface. A famous photo with milk displays a crown.

One interesting series of shots were made with the subject in a darkened room with the sole source of light being s strobe light. The frequency of the strobe was adjustable and the duration of each flash was very short. These photographic techniques have been used to study fluid dynamics. The actual still photo had exposure times greater than the flash frequency, thus multiple images were formed on the film.

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