Are cats any more cooperative when taking pain meds?

phish_gwApril 19, 2014

I'm debating a mastectomy for my kitty (there is another post on this and I'd love to hear stories from others who have done this).

Anyway, one issue is I don't want to put her through unneccessasry pain. If she were a person I'd say "well at least she can have pain meds to get her through it". But as we all know, cats are not cooperative about taking meds.

I'm wondering if they are any more cooperative about taking pain meds? I'd like to think that on some level they knew the pain meds made them feel better. Or if she is weak from the surgery, maybe she wouldn't fight me as much. Or maybe she would fight and her fight would be painful because of the surgery. Anyway, I'd love to hear if kitties are better about taking pain meds than they are regular medicine.

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Ask your surgeon about the fentanyl pain patch. It's a patch that is applied to the cat's skin and will provide pain relief for up to about 100 hrs before needing to be replaced. Another option is to see if an oral pain med can be compounded into a transdermal gel that can be applied to the inner ear flap. Or you can just use Pill Pockets, which I have found to make administering oral meds quite easy in most cases.

From what I learned when researching Somer's mammary cancer, though, the surgical center will typically keep the cat hospitalized for a while after mastectomy surgery specifically for the purpose of providing adequate pain relief. It is, from what I was told, a very painful surgery.


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I had no problem giving my cats pills. The vet told me to use a large bath towel, wrap it around her neck and enclose the feet in it. No scratches or bites that way. It sounds awful, but it works.

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