Walmart Pet Armour Flea product

Lady_BratApril 5, 2012

Has anyone here used Walmarts Pet Armour Flea product. If so, did it work?

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Please only purchase flea products that are recommended by your vet. Many of the flea products available at retail stores are highly toxic and have been implicated in the serious illnesses and deaths of many dogs and cats. To add insult to injury, most of those same products are largely ineffective against fleas. It's not worth the risk of killing your pet in order to save a few dollars on a discount product.


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I totally agree with the above post. Buy your flea products from your vet..

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I buy my Advantage from Petsmart usually, but I was wondering about this product. I've had some people tell me it worked great but one of my dogs is highly alergic to fleas so I have to use something that really works. I'll just stick with my Advantage. My vet recommended's just cheaper at Petsmart.

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In my opinion, Advantage is an inferior product. Walmnart, Walgreens and others advertise that Pet Armor is half the cost of Frontline. This is false advertising as both products cost about the same and I consider Frontline to be a superior product.

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I use Frontline on all six pets and get it on line.

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Sophie Wheeler

Pet Armour is the same active ingredient as Frontline. The patent on Frontline has expired and generics can be made available now. PA is one of those generics, just like ibuprofin is the same as Advil. Only cheaper. It works exactly the same, which is to say that the fleas in my area have developed a tolerance to it and one application only lasts about a month. That's Frontline or Pet Armour. There is no difference in performance whatsoever.

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My dog is highly allergic to fleas as well and the only preventative that works for him is comfortis.
frontline and advantage just make the fleas bigger seems like. spent 2 years battling fleas and now he has a huge place in his back from the allergy that is healing but is slow going.
I could of kissed my vet when he offered me comfortis and it actually worked.
If you find something that works stick with it, nothing worse then seeing your dog in agony and feeling helpless.

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Do your own research online about Pet Armour you will find many reports of serious illness's or even death due to it generic or not somethings different about it. If you love your pets then stick with name brands

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While it is true that there are some really bad flea products out there, there is no reason to be any more suspicious of pet armor than of frontline. Frontline gets plenty of reports of serious reactions too. Just because pet armor is sold at walmart doesn't mean it should be automatically suspect. Many retailers are coming out with their own version of frontline now, including the big box pet supply stores. If you have the extra money to throw away great, keep using a more expensive product, but don't try to cast a bad light on other products that may suit other people just fine or insist that folks use only what their vet recommends. Vets are in business to make money, they will recommend what they sell, period. If a flea med is OTC then any reasonably intelligent person should be able to read and follow the directions. A Vet's opinion isn't going to influence whether your pet has a reaction to a certain OTC flea product.

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According to research I just did online, Pet Armor is not just a WalMart product. It is made by Phidopharm, Inc. It is available on Amazon as well.

The company website says the active ingredients are exactly the same as that in Front Line---and the package design is very similar.

That raises a red flag for me. Usually, the companies that do that sort of marketing can sell for less because their product)s) are made in China. Everyone here should be aware of the amount of damage and death proliferated by Chinese made pet products because of the lack of manufacturing controls/supervision there.

Bottom line---if it is Made in China, I do not buy it.

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I purchase six doses of Frontline at Costco for $36.00. What are you paying for six doses of Pet Armor? Pet Armor claims they are half the price of Frontline. Is anyone paying $18.00 for six doses of Pet Armor?

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Wow texasredhead, your costco sells frontline 50% less than mine does. Mine only carries 3 month supply boxes for around $36. If you're getting a six month supply of flea meds for that then I wouldn't switch to a different product either. I think if you compared FL and PA at normal retail prices you would see that PA is cheaper.

handymac, I'd be less likely to buy a product from China too, but that's just me. However, Pet Armor is made in India, not China. You also might want to consider that when a manufacturer has a patent on a product they can set their price at whatever the market will bear. When they lose the patent and have some competition they will lower their prices and still remain profitable.

The ASPCA apparently thinks so highly of Pet Armor that they use it in their clinics and adoption centers.

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