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lindajewellAugust 15, 2008

I lurk here a lot, usually hang out at GP but I love coming here to look at all your wonderful photos. I am not in your class of photography but I love taking pictures. These are two collages I put together from pictures I have taken of my dad.......some better than others but I work with what I have. Which do you think would be the best one to print out, frame and give as a gift to my mom and brother. Or do you think I should print both and give one to mom and one to brother?

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I think both are very nice.

However, I like the second one since it has the large picture in the center, but I would make the large picture in the middle, the one close-up of his face instead of the large hands, and make the hands a smaller outside pic.

That's just my opinion, though and as I said, they are both nice, and I don't think you could go wrong with either.


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#2 catches my eye.

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I'd go with 2 too.

One other thought, try some of those shots in the black and white mode or sepia mode in your photo editor. They often impart more of the person's "character" somehow.

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Thank you all for your comments. I actually ended up doing yet another one using some old black and white photos. Thank you rcnalyor, I got the idea from you. But I am still not sure, I just want this to be something special I can give to my brother and for my mom. Since they are both in a nursing home there are not many gifts I can give them.
I really would like everyone's opinion, but I do not want to impose on your forum.

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You are not imposing, it is what this forum is for. Post all you want.

I think your family will like any of the collages you make. It's a gift from the heart!

Good day,


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Ditto on what Z_Joe said. The thought is in your idea and the photos, not so much in how they are arranged.

Z_Joe, early morning bike ride?


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