Has anyone tried Dinovite?

ryseryse_2004April 14, 2013

I hear it advertised for skin problems which one of my labs has every summer. I know it isn't food allergy since it only happens in the spring/summer. He gets hot spots that can get very serious (and expensive).

We are giving him 2 fish oil caps daily because I heard it could help but don't really know if it has yet.

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I bought some for my poodle that has allergies. He wouldn't have anything to do with his food when mixed it in. He's a very picky eater so I figured that was it. I tried it in my Australian Shepard's food and she devoured it. Her coat looks really good and so shiny. She doesn't sit around and scratch all the time. She would lick her feet to the point where her hair was almost gone and now it's grown back. She had little sores on her stomach from allergic reactions from the grasses. The vet gave me meds for it and it helped a little but since I give her Dinovite they are all cleared up. I would recommend it to anyone who has a pet with skin and allergy problems.

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I'm with mazsdps, it's been a big help for our CindyLou! She has terrible skin issues and chews her feet constantly. As long as I keep her on Dinovite and her thyroid meds, she does well, but I messed up and ran out of Dinovite and she's a mess again :(. She has psoriasis, and when it gets out of hand, I bathe her every other day with Selsun Blue, which does help.I won't do this to her or me again!

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