I want to go 'Towel Bar Free' in Bathroom

beekeeperswifeMarch 6, 2012

I think it can be done, successfully. I'm scouring Houzz, lots of bathrooms without towel bars.

We always just drape the towel over the shower stall now while in there. I'm sure this will continue.

Where do you have them while drying though? I have no problem stacking them to grab a new one.

Could I "hide" the bars in the closet with the toilet? Maybe?

Could put hooks inside the linen closet door in the bathroom and hang them there.

Could walk them across the hall and pop them in the dryer. But that seems wasteful.

Should I just tell them to NOT install them until I decide? No, we aren't at that point yet, but I'm just always thinking...

So, please share if you don't have towel bars what you do.



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The previous owner of my house only installed hooks so I bought a free-standing towel rack that sits on the floor. I guess that's not the same as towel rack free, but I don't have to worry about the towel bar falling off the wall and I can move it around if I wish.

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No bars.

The one that is used to dry the tile (yes, every time) is folded and put on the edge of the tub between the inner and outer curtain because it is the most wet.

The others get folded and hung on the shower bar and then put back on the floor next to the tub for the next use.

However, we only use smallish towels, not bath sheets, and we wash them every couple of uses.

In the next house I was thinking of putting a dryer upstairs near the bathrooms. It does seem kind of wasteful but I think if we could dry them we would wash them less than every day or two.

The bathrooms here are just so small that it would seem like all towels if they were one bars. I haven't solved this one yet.

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I have hooks only .

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When I remodeled my bathroom in 2006 I couldn't decide on the style of towel bars I wanted and still don't have any. For wet bath towels, I drape over the shower rod. For wash cloth and towel by the sink I have a tall old fashioned coat rack with hooks that stands nearby. The type people used to have by the front door. I can hang clothes on the other hooks too when changing,ect.

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I, too, drape my towel over the shower bar and rarely use my one, small towel bar. However, if company is coming I drape a fresh hand towel over the bar. I never got around to reinstalling my towel ring after painting.

If you're towel bar free, will you still have somewhere to keep a hand towel? (towel ring, hook, etc?) I never liked the look of my towel ring, but I miss the function of it.

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I have one towel bar that is decorative. For actually drying used towels, we use one of the over-the-door hooks that has 3 or 4 hooks on it.

For my powder room, I found some cute old door knobs attached to wooden blocks and I hang hand towels from them.

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Well--we're not towel bar free, but do have them somewhat out of sight. Our shower is adjacent to the tub and closet door so has no wall for towel bars. We have a hook beside the shower for hanging a towel while showering, and two wide towel bars are mounted on the wall in the toilet stall opposite the shower. One bar is high and the other is directly below it so both towels can be spread out wide to dry. Usually the only time the towels are folded on the bar are when I put out fresh ones, but we've found that by spreading them out, they stay fresh longer than using hooks or folding them in half over a shorter bar.

Not hidden, but DD uses a freestanding heated double towel bar in their MBa. It plugs into an outlet and shuts off automatically, so you can warm towels while showering, then warm them to help dry them after each use. Quite tricky!

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As far as the powder room goes, there will surely be no towel ring in there. I just put out guest towels that are disposable. To me sharing the hand towel with everybody that comes into the house is, well, gross. Sorry. That could just be me.

In our master bath, I'll probably just lay the hand towel on the counter. However when my dh doesn't fold it nicely, then I'm sure I'll be rethinking that decision.

I'm not thinking hooks either though for the bath towels. I plain old don't want to see them, at all. Except if they are folded and looking pretty. But I might do hooks in the "toilet closet", so you can't see them.

Pal, Drying the tiles is not strange to me. We squeegee the shower's tiles and glass surround after each use. People think we are nuts, but it takes maybe 10 seconds to do it. And the results are worth it!

Keep the ideas coming!


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When our family is visiting, there are at least 12-14 of them, so towels can definitely be an issue. In the two guest baths they use, we had the carpenters put in a wide, flat piece of wood trim about 3 1/2 feet off the floor, and they installed six nice robe hooks in this trim piece on the wall adjacent to he shower for the towels. Keeps the towels off the floor, and off the shower rod when others need to use the shower. Everyone has their own assigned towel and hook.

I know this isn't something that would work for your quest to have towels hidden, but it was a great solution in our house.

In our previous two homes, there was a large drying area just ouside the shower, and that's where we put the towel bars. So towels were readily available, but not really seen.

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We are a hook family. I find that people are far, far more likely to throw a towel over a hook then to place it over a towel bar. I do have two antique milk glass towel bars on my sink vanity, but that is more for aesthetics.

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We have a large linen closet in our master bath (where the both of us bathe - it's only the two of us). The closet has wire shelving and also has a vent in the floor (heat/ac). Hubby put clips on the edge of one shelf and we can hang towels from there. No folding or draping - it hangs straight down (flat) for easy drying. Of course having the vent there helps. In the guest bath we have a bar inside the shower if needed (guests).


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joyce: do you have a photo? I can't quite visualize it, but it sounds clever.

For our master bath, we just drape towels over the glass enclosure or use suction hooks/over the door hooks on the glass. There are places I could put a towel bar, but I am not a big fan of picking a permanent location like that. I think we would still drape our towels instead of using a towel bar. :)

When you walk in our adjoining master closet, there are hooks holding our bath robes.

In our guest bath, I just put up two hooks. I made them out of antique, cross-handle hot & cold faucet knobs (the base they are attached to is a plumbing component.) It was my attempt at celebrating the beauty of those antiques while adding some functionality.

I think the idea of a towel in the toilet room is slightly yucky (I mean.... I know what my DH does in that room!!!) In my wild fantasies, the vapors cling to the towel fibers and I don't want to drape that on my body! *Shrug* :) With that said, I never thought twice about the guest hand towel, so to each their own. It is YOUR bathroom...... do what you are comfortable with.

...ugh... now I'm rethinking the guest hand towel. :) Maybe it IS gross!

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bee, I had asked a question awhile back about towel holders for pedestal sinks. Saw this but never ordered because I don't think it will fit. This is only for hand towels though...

Here is a link that might be useful: Towel Tender

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In the master we use hooks on the inside of the WC door. The boys use hooks on the back of the bathroom door. Fresh towels are stored the closet in each bath. The tiny guest bath is the only one with towel bars.

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I bought a vintage wooden coat rack for DD2's guest (now baby's) bathroom. I also did a post on a MBath with a pair of them painted. Prices vary at your local antique stores. I paid $26 for hers, but found others I did not like for almost $200:

Here is a link that might be useful: coat rack towel

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We use hooks, ikea Vippa! 4 pack for $3.99. I'm guilty of wandering around looking for a reason and location to install another hook! But towels remain rolled and stacked in the bathroom linen closet, and hang on their vippas only during the bath. After the bath they go to the laundry room.

My ultra-fastidious and careful money-managing 94 year old grandma accused me of wasteful laundering until I explained that I didn't remember from bath to bath which end of the towel I used to dry my face, and which end dried my bottom and feet and I wasn't interested in swapping ends on the next bath, or accidentally using someone else's towel face-end, or worse yet..

I grinned when I saw her taking her towel to the washing machine after her bath, the next time I visited her in her home.

We do not use large thick towels though, given how frequently I wash them.

So the hooks only hold towels or bathrobes or clothing while the bathroom is in use.

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Lolauren: not a very good picture, but you get the idea.

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Sorry, that was the wrong link - should not search while on phone...

Here is a link that might be useful: painted coat racks

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joyce: thanks. That is a great solution for your space. :)

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When we moved into this house there were no bars on the walls and no really functional place for one anyway. I started looking for something freestanding and didn't find anything I liked and that I thought would allow the towels to dry in this sometimes humid climate. I found a pair of quilt racks I liked and we now use one in the bedroom and one at the end of the tub in the bathroom for towels. Not going to work if you don't want to see them out, but works great for keeping the walls clear and letting towels dry.

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We don't have towel bars in our Mbath even tho there's plenty of wall space. We have 2 hooks near the shower for hanging towels while in the shower, and two large hooks on the back of the door into the room for hanging towels to dry (and they dry fine), and a hook at each end of the vanity for hand towels. (There's a large-ish linen cabinet for extra towels, sheets, toiletries, etc.)

I got the hooks at Anthropologie; they have some cute/unique ones.

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If you are undecided, just be sure you have them put bracing in the walls in the most likely places (and take pics while the walls are open) where you might want a bar (or a handrail in the future). Then, if you change your mind, you will be able to hang one with no problems. That's what I did and I'm still undecided. I had them install one of these for the hand towel because I hate stuff on the counter and I really don't like to fold and hang a towel each time I use it.

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I've had two bathrooms with no towel bars, my bedroom bathroom has no room for it, I placed two hooks on the door, and hang a hand towel on my mirror which I placed to see the back of my head...it works and looks great. In my old house, the "big" bathroom when I didn't want a towel bar, and used hooks on back of door for bath towels, and paper towels for hand towels, it was great when the kids were growing up.

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I haven't read all the responses so I may be repeating, but our bathrooms are towel-bar free. Mostly because they're all small. But we all have hooks on the inside of the bedroom doors and that's where everyone hangs his/her own towel. They dry just fine between showers.

For hand towels, we do have two towel rings in the master bath, and a towel "hook" (really a robe hook) in the kids' bathroom and the powder room.

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I think a hook on the back of the door is your best bet. Towels generally dry pretty fast so I doubt they will warp the door.

I do like a small bar for hand towels and washcloths in our bathrooms. They're practical, IMO.

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I just wanted to mention a problem I had with wet towels hanging on wood. When our DD and family came to visit in the old house, SIL would carry his wet towel to the bedroom and drape it over the bed posts. I noticed that all the finish had come off the posts where the towel hung (grr). It's not quite the same as hanging against a wood door, I would just want to make sure there was a real good finish on the door.

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lolauren--just a comment in defense of hanging towels in the toilet stall area or WC--on the opposite wall from the toilet. I realize some people may find that yucky, but we're a total "close the lid on the toilet before flushing" family--especially since knowing how much greater the bacteria count is if one flushes and leaves the lid up. Otherwise, if you leave the lid up, the germs are flying everywhere. Studies show that the bacteria count is somewhat like 8x-10x higher after flushing.

We also don't leave toothbrushes out. While you still may not want to hang your towel in the WC, (and if I had an alternative I'd use it), for me it's a more acceptable solution than hanging them over the shower stall. So I thought I'd share part of the reasoning--especially since I'm not sure that it's the fumes that do all the damage--no matter how caustic they may seem....heehee.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bacteria from flushing with lid up--definitely yucky

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laura mcleod

hi - Like a lot of folks, we have fresh towels folded (on the open shelf under our vanity), and towels in use are hung on the back of the bathroom door with big chunky hooks. It has worked great, and I love not seeing the towels when the door is open. They dry quickly and do not seem to drip - HTH!

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Wow!!! So many of you are Towel Bar Free!! Love all the ideas. I hadn't thought about the one of hooks behind the door. There might not be room for that though. I'll have to check.

It sounds like I'll be able to just tell them to not put them up and I'll figure out something. I'm a "starer", meaning I need to just star at the space and figure it out.

All the links and pictures are greatly appreciated. And sujafr, my dd2 is obsessed about the toilet seat and toothbrushes. So, I totally get that!

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I'm with Kiki on this subject!

When we had the house built I chose to put 2 towel bars, a hand towel ring, and a robe hook in every bathroom. Some bars are on the backs of doors. However most are not used much except by guests as I put my bath towel in the laundry after each bath. The towel I use for my hair becomes my bath towel next day. Sometimes I'll use a hand towel or even 2 washcloths to dry so there is less laundry. I've never been a fan of huge towels and have never used a bath towel more than once except when I'm a guest in someone else's home. I tell guests to my home where the ample supply of towels are and they can do what they like. They know my washing machine is well used.

For those concerned with bacteria on their toothbrush who store it elsewhere than on the counter, there is still a real risk of bacteria growing on your brush as out mouths are full of them. I frequently clean my toothbrush either with hydrogen peroxide, bleach, or tea tree essential oil and change to a new one every month.

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cyn427 (zone 7)

I have one small towel bar for hand towels next to the sink, but we use antique quilt racks for our towels. I am thinking of adding a hook or two and I love the idea of putting them on the backs of bedroom doors!

My DH often puts one over the glass of the shower, but that makes me nuts. It just looks messy to me-sort of like hanging/dropping clothes on a chair.

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I have a towel bar that attaches to the hinges of the door and is out of sight when the door is open. I googled and got one on Amazon called:

Hinge It Invisible Mount Towel Rack - (White)
by Whitney Designs
I'm sure there are others. Works great. No marks or holes on doors or wall and the towels dry nicely (so does the bathmat on the bottom rung).

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I am delighted to add another "Free" to my quest of having a completely "Free-free" house!

We are "Shoe-free Free," "Alcohol-free Free" and certainly "Fat-free Free." Now I can add "Towel bar-free Free" in my quest for a house that is completely free of -Free!

And I'm not surprised pal towels his tile. I always thought the practice completely ludicrous as a kid, until I grew up and paid for the tile.

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I like the idea of using hooks so much better than towel bars. We are currently towel bar free in one bathroom because son was leaning and hanging on towel bar and ripped it right out of the wall! Our downstairs bathroom (can't call it a powder room because it happens to have a shower in it) we have rings which I find to be pretty - I put a full size bath towel through the ring and then layer a hand towel over it.

We will be remodeling our master bath in the fall and I absolutely do not want towel bar - so I am finding this thread to be informative! I have always found towel bars to be a nuisance and non-functional...the towels look nice all tri-folded hanging there but once you use one of those towels, it needs to go somewhere to dry and then WHERE to put it?! That same towel once dried is certainly not getting re-folded and hung back on the bar...we have 2 small kids, so all that upkeep and maintenance on used towels is not likely. I think I will opt for hooks in the new master bath. I am apprhensive about hooks on the backs of doors though...I just don't want to put holes in doors because if the hook is ever taken down for some reason, it is hard to patch up a hole in a door. But patching up a wall is much easier. Does anyone use those Command brand hooks that supposedly cause no damage to walls? Are they even strong enough to hold a drying towel. I have seen them come in decorative finishes (rather than white plastic)..like nickel, brass, etc.

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luckygal--you dry off with a washcloth? I would freeze.

marcolo-but you are not humor-free, this is a fact. :)

jaysmom--I'm on my way to AMazon to look

And you know that by the time I have to let the builder know about this latest decision, I'll probably have to whisper it..'please sir, no towel bars in the bathrooms"... After all, they still are waiting for the paint color. I don't think the painter is mixing it yet...the roof is not complete yet, and there is no drywall either.....I"m just dodging that bullet. I'll have another post soon about that.

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I also found one on ebay in ORB or Nickel. Have fun.

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OK. I'll bite.

Why do you want to go towel bar-free in a bathroom? Are you afraid guests will suspect there's water in there? Do you also hide your TP, maybe under a cozy? Are you putting in one of those bathrooms where, when you walk in, you are confronted with a series of identical mirrored doors and have to keep opening all of them to find the most urgently-needed fixture?

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They have always just bugged me. I don't know why.

As I get older I find my tolerance for things that bug me is getting shorter and shorter. And now I know I don't have to have certain things just because "that's how it's done".

The TP doesn't bug me. However, it too will now be concealed in the WC.

And I hadn't thought about the mirrors, until now.


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O God, I've created a Frankenstein. I'm picturing future dinner guests frantically pulling open long corridors of identical mirrored doors, desperate for relief.

I love towel bars. I have a thing for Yale Club towel bars, partly because we had them in our last place, and partly because I've hung towels on the Actual Article.

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Chiming in late here because until Marolo's post I didn't think it would be polite to be a dissenter when you weren't asking us for a thumbs up or down on your towel free idea.

We've had bathrooms with towels on pegs and bathrooms with towels on towel bars.
Count me in as another fan of towel bars.

Although it is true that little kids, teens, and lazy household members
are more likely to hang a towel on a peg than a towel rod,
towels dry more thoroughly, in my experience, on towel rods.

I also think that towels folded neatly on towel rods look very nice.

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I just happily got rid of the Hinge It Invisible Mount towel rack on the back of the door thingy. I couldn't get it to stay put. Every time I opened the door, it swung around. Since the door and the shower door open toward each other, I was always dodging the swinging towel rack. Plus you could still see it and the towels even when the door is open so you really won't be towel bar free. It does work well though for drying.

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Oh, Marcolo----for you...

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We had a towel bar on the wall behind the door, but the remodel has put sliding closet doors there. We hang bath towels over the curtain rod to dry.
I have a towel ring, but can't bring myself to mount it on my hand-made wood cabinetry, so for now hand towels are kept on a tree on the counter.

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Not a dissenter, but I too am curious about this previously unknown to me "towel bar free" cult. I've never given it a thought, except for bathrooms that don't have room for towel bars.

Speaking as a clutz, when I install a towel hook - I always have one next to the shower - I make sure it is higher than the top of my head. I envision smashing my face into sharp objects if I were to slip or stumble.

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Though our master bath is large, I think the PO having installed 4 bath hooks, 2 towel rings, and 2 towel racks was a bit overkill by anyone's standard. I've heard that he "entertained" a lot but really 8 hangers.

We haven't determined which one's will be replaced (current ones are cheap yellow gold) but all will come down with few replaced. I do like the convience of having a towel that I use throughout the day handy. People leave out appliances on the their countertop that they use a few times per week (mine are all put away). I'm not going to hide something that I use so many times per day plus DH. I like my home to feel beautiful but not at the expense I have to hide living.

I can understand if space is a premium to double utilize items (shower frame).

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Just finished a bath remodel and the only towel bars are on the back of the door. Fortunately, this door happens to be right next to the shower so it works. They're 24" wide so we can spread the towels out to dry. I'm glad I don't have to look at this arrangement--it isn't very attractive.

My kids use hooks, and they don't really allow the towels to dry completely. (I know others reported that this DOES work well for them.) My teenage boys don't seem to mind clammy towels, but I would.

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I remembered what my "standing coat rack" is called - a hall tree. In my original post I mentioned I hung my towel and wash cloth on that beside the sink.

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we use 2 robe hooks in the master bath. In the kids bath (my adult Kids, still living at home and still messy as kids!), I found a towel bar with 2 hooks on each end. This works, since they never used the old towel bar, but are able to hang the towels on the hooks. I dont mind seeing the towels, as long as they're hung up of course..it is a bathroom after all, they seem to belong..

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I use a stand alone heated towel rack. It dries towels as well as warms them for when you step out of the shower. It takes up practically no room.

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Whew, I was beginning to think I was the only weirdo who actually likes towel bars.

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oh writersblock--you are not a weirdo. In fact I have towel bars and I like when things look nice on them. But my dh cannot ever fold a towel the right way. And that drives me nuts. Oh, he can do it if he tries. When the house was for sale, he certainly was folding nicely. I think they are just taking up too much wall space that I could do something else with...

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We had a bathroom with no room for a towel bar. But we noticed that the towels did NOT dry well on hooks. Musty smelling towels - yuck! And on the hooks on our wood door, we ended up with a small mold/ mildew problem on the wood.
Hooks are nice, but we're looking for a nice wide towel bar in our new bathroom. The only way I see to avoid the problem would be to wash the towels every time we use them, and I'm not that type.

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My mom has a white iron coat tree (kind of shabby-chic) in her bathroom, and it works AMAZINGLY well for towels!

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I'm sorry I missed this thread in March. I don't want towel bars due to lack of space. Well, we do have one spot where we could put bars, but I don't want to.

New towels will typically be folded on our vanity - but where to hang them to dry? We have a deep closet directly opposite our master bath (one step away) - we could put hooks there, but that is technically outside the bathroom. The dryer is also about 3 steps from the bathroom - perhaps a 10 minute dry cycle every night when electricity prices drop? We will have to figure this out over the next couple of weeks.

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itltrot, they don't make heated hooks AFAIK but they do make various heated corkscrew like thingies you stick your towel into, and those may be compact enough for you.

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Like this one from Runtal? From GardenWeb Photos

Here is a link that might be useful: Pricing Info (Be sure you're sitting down when you click on this link!)

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Oh I like that kashmi. Very cool. Very shocking price.

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I am towel bar free - except in powder room. In my last house I didn' have a towel bar either.
I put a large matte silver Command hook on the ceramic on the turned part of my shower. I didn't want anything permanent until I was sure that I liked it there.
My laundry room is across from the MB so I just hang them on a rod to dry in there. I actually use 3 towels each day. Body, Hair then a small one (no dryer sheet or softner) to dry the shower doors.
My last house we just had a plastic hamper in the bathroom closet and dumped them in there.
I don't think if you hang them in a closet - that they will dry very quickly.
Why not just put a rod for drying clothes and your towels in the laundry room?

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'I make sure it is higher than the top of my head. I envision smashing my face into sharp objects if I were to slip or stumble. '

yep, gotta watch things like that. exactly the reason even my cabinet pulls and towel bars don't have sharp corners.

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We put the hooks on the outside of the watercloset door. But have to tell you they end up draped over the pedestal freestanding tub that is mostly used as a huge hamper for towels. Love the tub but I take showers mostly. It's pretty tall so it's just aching to be a towel catcher.

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Gee, I'm surprised to see this thread pop back up. But happy to see more ideas. We haven't gotten to the step where I have to decide on the towel bar/ hook idea. The bathroom is coming along and I'm sure that soon I will need to decide. Very soon.

That towel radiator would be perfect...if it wasn't so expensive! I think I will just tell the builder to leave the towel bars off the wall for now. We can install them ourselves if we choose to do so once we are in. There are so many things that I really feel I need to see how we live before making some decisions.

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Two hooks several inches apart allow the towel to spread out a bit and dry faster. I did this for pool towels and plan on same ( behind doors) in new mbr bath .

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I currently have the large brushed nickel command hooks on the back of my kid's bath. We use them to hang bath robes and pajamas that are to be put back on the next night. Even in the hands of 3 kids age 7 and under, those hooks have stayed in place. They are shorter than the door stop, so no banging the wall. They are fairly large, so I think it would work for towels, too. A previous poster asked about these hooks. I think this would be a fairly inexpensive, hole-less way to try hooks out to see if you want to be towel bar free.

On a side note, I have two towel bars in my master bath so i can have my bath towel and microfiber hair towel on one. I installed another for my husband on a pony wall next to the tub and across from the shower door. He has never used it in 7 years. The towel gets draped across the pony wall. Uargh! I think we might use hooks in the new build since he clearly follows the path of least resistance!

    Bookmark   May 6, 2012 at 8:41PM
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I'm using hooks in my bathroom remodel. 3 hooks on a towel bar/shelf to hang bath towels on the wall across from the shower and one hook right next to the shower so DD doesn't have to cross the bathroom floor to grab a towel and dry off.

I love these beautiful hooks! They're not too tall but are very substantial.

RH Vintage Hooks:

Towel bar shelf (from www.theidearoom.net)

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Annie Deighnaugh

Put me in the love a towel bar camp. I can understand wanting hooks with kids (of all ages!) as it will help them from leaving a mess, but for me, towel bars are essential. Not only do they dry better, but bathrooms can look and feel very cold for want of fabric in the space. Many have one or no windows for adding fabric, so I use towels as an opportunity to add warmth and color to the space.

And I'm with Lynn. One luxury I insisted on in our new house is a heated towel bar. I LOVE it. It helps heat the bathroom in the winter, helps dry the towel out after using, but it is an absolute aahhhh moment when you step out of the shower and wrap yourself in warmth. Yum!

    Bookmark   May 7, 2012 at 8:08AM
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I like that towel shelf!

We have hooks now, and I do not care for them. DH hange EVERYTHING on them. Course, the cabinet handles we have now have little stubs on top, and he hangs stuff on those, too. Sometimes, I want to hang him!

In the new MB, there are no doors, and only two wall spaces that could have bath towel bars. We hung a Pottery Barn multiple hook on the end of the hutch that closes off the WC area, and it looks pretty when nothing is hanging on it!

I am going to put a train rack on the wall by the shower, and it will keep fresh towels handy, and have hooks. Is a bar below that overkill?? I WANT a bar!!


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I completely missed this discussion when it first started. We'll be repainting one bathroom and redoing a second, so it's very timely.

Those of you who have interesting alternatives to towel bars - I'd really love some pics. cyn427, for example - do you have any of your antique quilt rack?

Anyone else want to post some images? We haven't thought ahead to towel bars vs. hooks or other methods yet, but I've always assumed we'd install towel bars. Now, I want to explore a few alternatives.

And those of you with interesting towel bars, ditto --

mtnrdredux, your antique milk glass ones - I'm curious to see what the vanity looks like with towel bars on it. I'm getting a weird mental picture, but your taste is so good that I know it's not right.

marcolo, I followed your link to the image, and I really like the Yale towel bar. The name says it all though, so no way is it showing up in this house. ;)

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We are towel bar free in the MBath and the downstairs bath. The others had towel bars when we moved in and since we don't use them don't mind :)

We fold and stack towels on the apron of the jacuzzi in our bathroom, and when a towel is used it is thrown over the shower to dry. We did have two bars on the wall directly facing the shower door, which I had removed and replaced with nice robe hooks. These have robes hanging on them---big, thick white monogrammed robes that you can put on after you come out of the shower so you don't need a towel except for your hair. We also take the robes to the swim spa when we exercise, as that is MUCH warmer than a towel.

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I too have free standing heated towel racks in all 3 full baths. I will never again have bars or hooks. In the South your towels will always stink after 24 hrs. I have used these now for 10 years and they are perfect..also still using the same towels !! Never any mildew odor and they are so nice when you step out of the shower. Also they do not cost all that much. c

Warmrails brand.

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Thanks for all the interesting ideas everyone!

Trailrunner, can you tell me if the free standing heated towel racks are sturdy (i.e. won't tip over). Also, how easy is it for say a lazy person to place a towel over the heated bars. I would like to put a heated towel rack in my kids' bath, but worry if it is too much effort to hang a towel up, they will just drop it on the ground until say, Mom finds it and hangs it up!!


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I have a towl ring next to the sink but chose deco style hooks for inside the shower. They match the subway tile and the shower is large enough to keep the towels dry while showering.

No towel bars for me. My towels always seemed to look sloppy after use.

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I have a pretty small "main" bath that is shared by three bedrooms. It has only one sink and smallish vanity. Between the small vanity (small is the operative word here, I guess)and the medicine cab and light switch on the single vanity side wall, there's no room for hand towels. This wrought iron shelf with hooks under will go next to the vanity mirror/over the WC.

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Ontario Mom...they are very sturdy. There is no way they can tip over ...of course I don't have kids anymore LOL> But my 88 yr old Mom loved hers in her bathroom. Do be aware they are HOT ! They are easy to drape towels over and you don't have to have any contact with the rails to place the towel. But if you do touch the rails you won't get burned out right but you will definitely know that you touched something hot.

I have the Hyde Park style in two bathrooms and the traditional style in the one that Mom used. You can look at all the styles on warm rails web site. If you need more help just let me know. c

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Hi, I'm Dando and I don't have towel bars.
It's been 1yr, 47 days since my last towel bar...and I'm not sure I'll be able make it thru this weekend without purchasing a new one.
It's tough, realizing that just any day now, I could fall off the wagon and have to start all over again.
Bed, Bath, and Beyond should be ashamed of themselves for doing this to me.

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Dando, had to lol at your confession! We've been free for 12+ years! Right after we built, I found an iron rack with 5 hooks lined up below the rack as I did not want towel bars. I love it! I can put the clean towels and wash cloths on top. We each have 2 hooks to drape a wet towel over on the bottom with 1 left over. I use it for the small towel I use for my wet hair. It's been perfect. It is across from the door of our big walk-in shower and is not in the way at all.

When we bought a lake condo 3 years ago it has small bathrooms with towel bars. When we are there on weekends, I've had to adjust all over again and I must say it's been very hard.

    Bookmark   May 8, 2012 at 3:08PM
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This is really helpful for me too.

We like towel bars. But the house we're moving to has a pretty large bathroom, but no real wall space for them. One wall is all vanity/mirror and a window. The next wall is the tub and shower, with windows over the tub so no hanging there. Then you have the entrance, which is an opening with no door (there is a WC for the toilet, which does have a door, but hanging a towel bar on that seems odd). Then the other wall has two doors to the closet (both with mirrors on them, and again it would seem weird to hang a towel bar there), and a seated vanity area with a mirror. The shower is frameless glass, so no shower rod to hang towels over.

It's a fabulous bathroom and we're really excited to get to use it, but literally the only unoccupied, non-door, horizontal wall space larger than about four or five inches is the side walls on each side of the seated vanity, and even those are probably less than two feet long (and also right above the countertop, so towels wouldn't hang properly there, and would crowd the mirror).

I do wonder what the sellers do with their wet towels.

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Who knew "Towel Bar Free" could matter so much??

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

Pottery Barn has a metal accordion hook rack that I considering getting for my bathroom. I like it's vintage feel. As a Downton Abbey fan, I noticed something similar, uhmm, below the stairs and not up, however!

Here is a link that might be useful: PB rack

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Don't jump Dando. Don't jump.

(but remember your 20% off coupon if you do. lol)

    Bookmark   May 8, 2012 at 6:37PM
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I was GOING to use only hooks in our build UNTIL I used hooks in the temporary rental we're in. The towels don't dry as quickly at all. It drives me nuts. Coincidentally, I placed my order today for our bath accessories. It's already that time!! I did put one 24" bar in each bath. I know DH will hang his over the shower.

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Bee, your post cracks me up. We have been towel-bar free in our current townhouse for 10 years. But it drives me crazy -- mostly because all five of us are sharing one full bath, so there's not a lot of room for hanging/draping/placing towels! Two towels hung over the shower curtain rod, and some on a closet door of the kids' room...not any prettier than having a towel bar.

I love the idea of hooks, too, but hate clammy towels. Towels won't try well on a hook in our DC summers. For our reno, I'm still trying to decide on hooks vs. bars for the kids' bathroom -- only have space for two bars, but have three kids, and don't want them fighting. So will probably go with hooks. Will look at placement to see if spacing many close together will look OK, and also allow a towel to drape over two hooks to help with the drying issue.

Space for towel bars in our master bath became a huge point of contention. The shower door is not large enough for multiple towels, and I don't want the towels draped over the tub. And I don't want all hooks. Trailrunner, I'm with you -- I always wanted heated towel bars, so am splurging on these. Will post photos once the install is complete in a couple of months, but they will be installed on the wall.

We are doing towel bars for hand towels on either side of our vanity. It's totally personal preference, but I didn't want to have the towels always on the counter (which is what we do now).

Here are shots of towel holders that I thought you might enjoy if you're in the towel bar camp.

    Bookmark   May 9, 2012 at 2:09PM
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I love towel bars. There are few things more disgusting than a smelly towel that didn't dry properly. I've never heard of the anti-towel-bar movement before. Currently I have to keep the toilet paper in the vanity because I share my home with wanton vandals:

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

That's adorable, linelle!

    Bookmark   May 9, 2012 at 10:26PM
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haha,,,our Meatball has NO interest in TP...he loves little tiny balls of paper...we make them from store receipts LOL...way too many of those LOL ! c

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jmcgowan - I've considered using small towel bars on either side of the vanity for hand towels. How wide are the ones you're going to use?

I've only found a few smaller than 12" and I'm wondering if that size may look too wide for a hand towel on the shallow walls.

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Kohler's Bancroft towel bar is so pretty and is just over 9" long. That's what we're putting at our sinks and in our powder room.


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We used one of these type of TP holders for a towel bar in our powder room. Not exactly like this one, but similar. Very handy. I like the fact that it doesn't "swing" and make a squeaky noise when you dry your hands. It's 7" wide, so perfect size for a hand towel folded in half lengthwise.

Here is a link that might be useful: TP holder used as towel bar.

    Bookmark   May 10, 2012 at 7:27AM
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linelle, so cute! Our dog will occasionally catch the dangling tp out of the corner of her eye. She will grab it and start walking....as far as she can until it either rips or she gets caught.

I did meet with Towel Bar Man the other day when he was measuring for shelves. I asked if we could just have the towel bars and install them ourselves later if we decide to use them. He told me he is hearing a lot of people not wanting them. I was thinking about our hall bath in the last house. I had the clean towels on the towel bars. Hoping they would go there to dry after use, but in reality there would be one hung over the robe hook and others in the kids' rooms hanging up behind their door or on the door knob or yes, on the floor. So it looks like in our family the bars were only used to hold dry clean towels...

I'm looking for hooks!

    Bookmark   May 10, 2012 at 8:29AM
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Can robe hooks be screwed into hollow core doors? They should be fine on solid coor doors, correct? Or is it just better to put an over the door hook on bathroom doors?

    Bookmark   May 10, 2012 at 2:05PM
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andydad- i wonder if you can mount the hooks to a solid piece of wood and them mount that to the hollow door somehow. Do hollow doors have some sort of structure inside of them? Middle and sides maybe? Time for a dissection...

    Bookmark   May 10, 2012 at 7:36PM
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Ok have to confess the thought of losing my beloved double towel bars (hung perfectly level to each other and equal parts distant with art above each) makes me very sad. I am a towel bar lover:) when I think of hooks, I am always reminded of that movie, "Very Bad Things" where the guy accidentailly kills the hooker on one- ick!!! But i digress:)

    Bookmark   May 11, 2012 at 12:48AM
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Bee- previous owner had a wood bar across the door in our bathroom with two hooks. Door is hollow so it can be done:)

    Bookmark   May 11, 2012 at 12:59AM
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Just make sure you use anchors. Several of my doors have hooks on them--no problems at all. Or use the large command hooks.

    Bookmark   May 11, 2012 at 1:39AM
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I would also add to not put hooks on the back of the door that opens up and will push the hooks into the drywall behind it. Probably obvious to all, but sometimes people might not think ahead.

I'm taking a couple of towels to the house today and seeing if they will look ok on hooks--by holding them up. I still think if we have them stacked on a nice shelf when clean, but hang up to dry on a hook it will be fine. Kind of "Spa-like".

I think I have other issues in the bathrooms to worry about...such as "will the free standing tub fit into the room now that the walls are up and the trim is up.....they brought it in during rough in for fitting the plumbing but took it away for safe keeping. They knew that the drywall guys would trash it. And we needed to tile under it, etc. This should be interesting. Wonder what day they are coming?


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>I would also add to not put hooks on the back of the door that opens up and will push the hooks into the drywall behind it.

Or just put in doorstops, too.

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Hmmm, I wish there was a way to be able to use hooks, and have them dry faster. We are doing hydronic radiant floor heat. Our contractor said he was going to run the tubes behind our vanity mirrors to avoid the fogging after showers. Maybe we should have him run them also on one section of a wall where we could have hooks and the wall heat could help dry the towels. Or maybe this will be crazy expensive.


Thanks trailrunner for your feedback on stand alone heated towel warmers.

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Resurrecting the thread ... sorry. ;) But no one's mentioned this option:

We hang our towels in the master closet on hooks. You get undressed, grab your towel and head for the shower. Out of the shower you go back to the closet, hang your towel, and get dressed. Maybe it's function over form but it works great. And we never had a problem with musty towels.

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We essentially have the same set up as mjtx2.

I intended to put a towel bar in our master bath remodel, but couldn't (pocket door in the way). So we have a "Towel Bar Free" bathroom now. The fairly large linen closet for our bathroom is directly opposite the door to the bathroom, so we have added hooks for our towels. The hamper is in the closet too. We also purchased 100% bamboo towels as apparently they are less likely to get musty. So far so good!

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We bought some hooks, they are on the list to install this weekend. But since this thread is back, here is the bathroom without towel bars.

Will probably put 2 on the wall that juts out to the left of the shelving unit

there will be a hook on the wall to the right of the tup for a towel

And there will be one to the left of the shower door on the skinny part of the wall. Although, draping it over the stationary part of the glass while showering isn't so bad...

None of the guest bathrooms have them, they have hooks and all of the people who have been using those baths don't have any issues!

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I've always done what mjtx2 does too! However, I do use towel bars and more luxurious towels purely for decorative purposes!

I think there are some gorgeous towel bars out there. To me they are like sculpture! I could spend hours looking at such things online, but I am that way about fixtures in general...kind of obsessed. The shapes, and the gleam of the metal, add to the appeal of a bathroom to me.

Also, seeing thick, plush, sparkling white towels against the paint on the wall makes the bath feel spa-like and adds needed soft texture in a room that has so many hard surfaces.

Still, I don't like seeing *soggy* towels on the bars, so tucking them away after use on a hook in the closet gives me the best of both worlds...beauty and function!

    Bookmark   August 10, 2012 at 8:57AM
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Gorgeous bathroom, Bee. Is that the painted vanity and cultured marble countertop from your old house? It couldn't be! (Don't think you could have sold your house without a vanity and countertop!). Did you get the same items installed in the new house and have the cabs painted the same way? I'm thinking of the bathroom where you did the gray walls and pink towels that turned out so pretty. Seems like this is the exact same vanity and countertop used in that room.

    Bookmark   August 10, 2012 at 9:12AM
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Beautiful bathroom Bee! Fabulous job.

    Bookmark   August 10, 2012 at 9:40AM
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stinky, no not the same. The big mistake was that we did not go with Dutch Wood to do our vanities because we really needed to save $ somewhere. They did such a great job in our kitchen and master closet. In hindsight they should have done our master bath at least. Those are just stock cabinets, I picked the darkest stain option I was given. And the counters are horrid quite frankly. They couldn't get "white" so those are "white on biscuit". All my fixtures are white and it looks bleh. But, if you look closely, the mirror is mounted with about 1/2" gap between it and the counter top. My plan is to replace the counter (if not the counter and the vanity) at some point. The vanity drawers aren't straight. And they forgot to order the hardware for me that I picked out. I looked at the foreman during the walk through and just said "forget it". I wasn't crazy about anything anyway, I thought I'd just use the holes they drilled for the icky hardware to replace with my liking later. I think I'll put the hole drilling on the 90 day check list. Along with the punch list that never got done from the walkthrough. ugh

Very happy with the bathroom though. It is pretty much one of the only rooms decorated. Certainly is the only one with curtains!

    Bookmark   August 10, 2012 at 9:53AM
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That is a beautiful bathroom. I love the curtains, the lighting is gorgeous. The whole room turned out great.
You have such good vision for decorating.

    Bookmark   August 10, 2012 at 9:53AM
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Thanks, Bee! I see nothing "horrid" in the room. It's a fantastic bathroom! I just thought you must have loved the vanity from before so much that you repeated it in the new house. If I move, I'd like to repeat a couple of things I like here at the next place!

I'll never forget how pretty that gray bath at your old place looked with the pink towels, and yes, the vanity looked super with it all! As I recall, you did have wonderful, chunky hardware on it too! Sorry the fellow "forgot" your hardware here. Geez! Sounds like you went through some hassles with this item, but it will all get ironed out and will be more to your liking in the not too distant future, I am sure.

Enjoy your new house! Everything looks marvelous!

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BKW, how beautiful! What a luxurious delight.

For the record, I've had hooks in the bath for 12 years & ditto the comments that the towels don't dry well.

Interesting you used cultured marble sinks. They look great with the dark base & the beautiful mirror/sconce combo. I plan on staying with cm for our powder room redo -- it's held up to 20 years of use & abuse, so will just "upgrade" from bland almond to white swirl cm.

    Bookmark   August 10, 2012 at 11:18AM
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I like the "beautiful mirror/sconce combo" too! Very elegant and functional.

Awm03, you're right- CM wears like iron! Sounds like you're making a good choice for your powder room. I hope you'll re-vist my thread and tell me more about your plans.
(Sorry for the slight hi-jack, Bee!).

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I like small towel bars for hand towels next to the sink. I do not like rings. I would not put hand towels on the sink as the people in my home splatter toothpaste all over the sink and I'm sure any hand towel would get hit.

No towels near the toilet. We have always used hooks next to the shower for clean towels or robes. I love the look of thick, white towels hanging against the bathroom wall. Love soft colors in the bath, spa feeling.

We have used over-the-door hooks in the bath, but I don't like the look of towels hanging after the door is closed. Never reuse a towel, all go in the laundry after use. Hate the look of towels thrown over the shower door or rod. Towels hanging on hooks appears much neater than towels thrown on towel rods or shower doors.

    Bookmark   August 11, 2012 at 11:12PM
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Now that this thread is back on track....

I don't have a really good place for a big towel bar in my new master bath. And my DH is terrible about putting things on the towel bar anyway. He just crams it in a wad so it doesn't dry anyway.

But my experience with hooks is that the towels don't stay on say if you brush by or something. Any recommendations for good hooks that really keep the towels on?

    Bookmark   August 12, 2012 at 9:48AM
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Hooks only. Looks good, dries fine.

    Bookmark   August 12, 2012 at 9:54AM
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So glad you posted pics, Bee. Gorgeous. I especially love the tile.

Just a word for those that do mount hooks on the back of a door, as we did. There is a little contraption that you can mount in 2 seconds on the hinge of your door so that it doesn't swing all the way back to the wall and therefore avoids the hook thru the drywall problem.

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Cute McClarke!

My hooks are on the back of my walk-in closet door. They are not visible or bump-in-to-able from the bathroom! They are bone dry by the time I reach for them 24 hours after hanging them.

If my dh scrunched up towels into a wad, Cotton, I'd ask him how he'd feel if he was all scrunched up in a wad! As my mother used to say when I abused things as a child, "Our towels are our friends." Freely substitute "books, toys, clothes," whatever, for "towels" in the sentence!

And yes, it is good to see that this thread is "squeaky clean" again!

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Ha, Stinky! My DH is..."slow to change". He does the exact same thing in the exact same order every morning and gets all out of sorts when he is forced to make accommodations. I've only been married 4 years, but I've learned it is much easier to change the environment than try to force change by direction. He just digs in his heels.

Example: about 6 months ago I wanted to hire housekeeper. DH said it was unnecessary. I dropped the idea for a few months. I then started talking about how the dog got lonely during the day when we are at work and how nice it would be if someone would come keep her company. And now, we have a housekeeper who walks the dog..!

I don't think I'm being sneaky or devious, but now we are both happy. Sometimes a different approach is needed. He may say the same things about me. But anyway, that's a long explanation of why simply telling DH that he is making a mess by wadding up the towels on the bars won't work. So having hooks may be my way around it.

Back to topic, though, I was thinking of something like these from RH? Do they look like the towel would stay on well?

    Bookmark   August 12, 2012 at 10:34AM
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Cottonpenny wrote: "I've learned it is much easier to change the environment than try to force change by direction."

You've only been married four years? You gained a great deal of wisdom in such a short period of time.

I love those towel hooks.

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We have a 5' x 8' bathroom for two bedrooms, and it doubles as a guest bath. Space is tight. I am most concerned about being able to dry all the wet stuff that a family can generate. A conventional towel bar is not going to do the trick.

So we are putting in a swing double towel bar at the back of the tub. That way, dripping bathing suits and the like can drain into the tub without the water running down the tile. When not in use, they simply swing back out of the way. A double hook is near the tub for whatever you want to grab while in the shower. A wall-mounted heated towel rack on a timer will hold two bath towels. And a hand towel ring mounted next to the sink will hold a towel for the guests.

I am also putting in a horizontal grab bar against the long wall of the tub, and figure that it will provide extra hanging space, if needed. I toyed with putting in a pull-out clothesline over the length of the tub, like you find in motels, but then discarded the idea as overkill.

We are getting rid of the old glass tub doors and putting in a shower curtain, so the swivel towel bar and grab bar can hide.

    Bookmark   December 1, 2012 at 8:37PM
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Since this thread seems to have become the repository for ideas, I will add our solution since it hasn't been mentioned yet.

We purchased a double curved shower rod. On the outer rod is the shower curtain and liner on rolling double sided hooks that keep them separate and allow the liner to hang a little lower than the curtain. On the inner rod we hang the towels to dry. Works great!

    Bookmark   December 1, 2012 at 11:14PM
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I have an old door I want to repurpose and I'm wondering if it would just be too huge to hang towels from in our kids bathroom. It is a full-sized door and was thinking I would hang the door from the wall and then attach hooks the door. Anybody have any advise?

    Bookmark   January 19, 2013 at 6:11PM
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Any suggestions for nice looking hooks?

    Bookmark   January 19, 2013 at 7:02PM
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I hear ya~hate those dang things! I knew I wouldn't be installing the builders grade ones, so had to hunt down something I thought would look better.

I love these, and have them in the 2 of the 3 baths, the power room just the single bar.

Since most of the light fixtures and stair balusters are wrought iron(sometimes known as 'rod' iron LOL), they work perfect in my home.

    Bookmark   January 19, 2013 at 7:03PM
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I found an old, somewhat ornate, brass quilt rack in an antique shop and I have the space for it in my bathroom and it holds larger towels and smaller towels are folded on the vanity. I do have an antique brass peg hanger that I found in an antique shop which holds my robe.

    Bookmark   January 20, 2013 at 4:38PM
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