Have a wedding phototaking question...

juanitalAugust 4, 2008

In a month or so...What I would like to know (or if anybody can suggest some other sites) is what is the etiquette of another person taking photos (which would be me)...They will have a professional there, and I'm not interested in being a main person picture taker an didn't want to be intrusive with the other photographer....I thought maybe someone here has had experience, or suggestions!

Thank you


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My daughter was married recently....I timed the photos to ensue immediately after the flash of the professional...if I wanted special pics, obviously I could ask the bride and groom to give me a good shot. I came out with almost 200 shots (proud papa, what can I say) I do have a 2 pic mode on my camera, (one flash, other non flash)...I used it a lot for the indoors stuff and selected the best later. Take extra batteries and flash cards depending on your limits.

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what about taking through the ceremony? I just want to get a diff view from photgrapher but yet meaninful and not intrusive...Hope I don't sound like an idiot...Should I ask Bride and Groom before hand?

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Someone else will have to speak up for during the ceremony...handed my camera to my brother before I walked her down the aisle and he dropped the ball..heh.. IMO the good memory pictures are taken before and right after the wedding. Shows the nervousness of the bride and groom, and pics afterwards show the happiness. During the ritual, not a lot of things happening. If you can position yourself for a good shot of them exiting, that would be a good opportunity too. Just my 2 cents.

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I would keep the picture takeing to candids of the ritual and reception. All of the other stuff is what the photog is getting paid to take. The family is paying hin/her for those and other flashes can really mess up a picture.

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If it is a large wedding with many in attendance you can put the ball in your court and act like you are part of the proccedings. There are of course many things to consider however it worked years ago for me and helped my portfolio and subsequent sales. Be careful though not to step on the other guys toes. This could prove embarassing at the least. GOOD LUCK, KEEP COOL and get the shot. That is ultimately what counts.

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I'm sorry for not responding sooner...but wanted to thank you all for your responses...

Does anybody have ideas on lens? There will be two weddings in Sept that will be attending. I've looked at the 17-35mm, alittle to spendy at the moment...maybe an alternative or third party lens...? thanks in advance!

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Have a lens that can open W I D E. (f1.2;f1.4) weddings are dim lite, you'll need it.

Long zoom for the ceremony. Again the paid photog should be the one getting up close and personal.

I would suggest a prime between 35mm -50mm for the rest of the stuff. Maybe a macro.

If you are looking to put together a portfolio, find someone who cant afford a photog and do it for free.

My first two wedding were free, great learning experience. they ended up tipping me a nice chunk.


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Thanks Zeee! Do you think 105 micro f2.8 lens would work?

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Yes, and no.

YES- It will be great for tele shots and close up macros.

No- when you want to take some posed shot, say at the reception you'll have to be 50-60 ft away just to fit their faces in, just something to think about.

Your camera has a 1.6 multiplier, right? So, 105mm will be 168mm (converted to 35mm format). I would suggest taking the old kits lens with you as well, you find that you might need it.

Have fun.


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