granite from India

ksd51March 12, 2009

The granite I am considering is from India. In general are there any quality differences in granite from one country to another? The granite is Giallo Matisse. There is another similar granite; Golden Dream which is from Brazil. Does anyone know if it makes a difference where the granite is from? They both look fine to me.

Also,is there anything I need to know regarding polish finish?

Thanks for any info you can provide ASAP

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So glad you asked this, as I've contacted a contractor who claims they come and measure, and then order the granite from China. It comes prefabbed, ready to install for $35 sq ft. I didn't get any responses, but I was wondering the same thing.

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I am not a granite professional, but I'll give you my opinion on this. Unlike a product that may be manufactured using sub-quality materials, granite is a rock that is mined out of a mountain. It's just a mountain that happens to be in China, or India or Brazil or wherever. Different regions have different type of rocks. If you like the rock, I don't really think it matters what country it comes from.

Here is a link that might be useful: Granite by country of origin

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There are some good granites that comes out of Asia. But most of the poor quality slabs that alot of people complain about, especially with reference to absolute black, come from Asia. It's not a matter of poorer quality stone. It's a matter of lower standards for what's considered acceptable coming out of the mines.

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Sorry about that-- I meant quarries.

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Although, personally, I'd like to know a bit about labour conditions. Saving a bit of money is great, but I'd hate to feel it was coming at the expense of some poor quarry worker's safety, health or ability to earn a living wage.

But that's just my opinion.

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Sara, although that is a good point and a noble thought, it is pretty impossible information to obtain. I say it's a safe bet that any granite or marble from asia, africa or south america could have been harvested using workers that do not enjoy the same safe work conditions that those of us in more developed countries enjoy. But another way to look at countries where jobs are scarce, I guess any job is better than no income at all, at least to the poor workers who have families to feed.

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I agree - it's a question everyone has to answer for themselves. It's a minefield of an issue, and I wish suppliers/importers would be more "enquiring" themselves.

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here's my favorite link on granite. this guy knows EVERYTHING.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tom Cordova The Rock Blog

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It's all rock, but the difference is the dyes used to get uniformity in color, especially Absolute Black. Although all my evidence is anecdotal, I'd be particularly wary of Asian stones. Try to get the stone to bleed out at the yard with lacquer thinner or acetone before purchase.

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I am a fabricator.

The country of origin is unimportant as all countries have stones of varying quality. Additionally, most quarries have 2 or 3 "grades' with residential (and government where money is no object) getting the best stone. A 1st rate fabricator uses only 1st grade stone for residential as the cheaper grades are simply not worth the hassle you can cget from "Mrs. Smith" re the flaws.

A competent fabricator will steer you away from problem stone.

The previous comment about dyed stone (particularly black) is accurate. In general you want to stay away from dyed stone although it is slowly gaining acceptance because some of it is really attractive. Black dyed stone is generally crap.

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