The pups are at the Tampa Bay humane society now

debbiep_gwApril 24, 2010

And for anyone that would like to see the current pics of them go to or google it like I did.Their names are Niblet,Carob,Saratoga,Bonsai,Axel,Da Vinci,Admiral, Sailor and Tess.Of course now I wish I had kept one.Sweet pea(mom)is not there because of some skin issues that need to be cleared up before going to a rescue.As far as I know she is with a foster/rescue person in Fl being treated for her skin issues...Debbie

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you should be VERY VERY proud of yourself!!! nice job, debbie!

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I didn't see any dogs by those names.

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I saw one last night - they might all have gotten adopted by now! Tampabay had a huge Adoption Expo and HSTB participated, so I would not be surprised the pups all went to homes :)

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I only saw Saratoga.I didn't expect them to be gone so soon!I know its a good thing but I was surprised they were not there now.Debbie

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Debbie: thanks for the latest update..I had been wondering if the pups all made it to Tampa. Keep us informed if you hear anymore about Sweetpea! You are to be commended for all your love, hard work and devotion to doing the right thing!!!

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Well we knew they were cute! Good job, puppies!

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