problem with nef (raw) files

audrey_gwAugust 29, 2008

Hi! I recently bought a Nikon D40 camera, and am mostly quite happy with it. But the PictureProject program that came with it has limitations. Although it will export the RAW files as JPG files, it seems that the largest size file it will export is 2048 X 1536, which isn't large enough for some of the stock photography sites.

I also tried downloading Nikon's codec program, and it does allow me to view the RAW files in the Windows Gallery. I was hoping that the Gallery would also permit me to save them as larger JPG files. But apparently not!

Does anyone have any other suggestions? Will I just have to use a photo editor to enlarge the files after they are already converted to JPG? (Although I do have another photo editor besides PictureProject, it doesn't work with RAW files.) And I really don't want to have to buy another program.

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I don't know anything about your editing program, email Nikon is the only solution I have.
Are you performing so much editing that you need to take the pictures in RAW? If you are doing minor touch-ups I might suggest just taking the pictures in JPG until you figure it out.


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We have a Nikon D40X (10mp) and use Photoshop CS3 and Lightroom for NEF with no problems.

Lightroom will most likely satisfy your needs and costs much less than Photoshop.

I suggest that you archive your original NEF files and not the converted JPGS.

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I do second that for Lightroom. I use minimal editing and it works great!


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Thanks, everybody, for your advice. Since, as I mentioned, I really don't want to buy another program at this time, I've been using a free one called InfanView to convert the files from RAW to JPG.

So far it seems to be working fine except for one problem. I can't find anything in it that allows the user to close a finished file without going completely out of the program itself. But, as usual, I'm probably overlooking the obvious somehow! If anybody has worked with the program and knows a solution for that, please inform me. Thanks!

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