What will printed photo look like?

littleblu87August 14, 2011

I have a video that I took a screen shot from and want to get it developed at a photo lab. When I view this "picture" on a computer that has a CRT monitor, the picture is very dark and some areas are even black. On computers with LCD monitors, the picture is bright, which shows more detail and that's the way I want the lab to print it. How can I tell which way it will look when the lab prints it?

I've tried using photo editing software to brighten the picture on the computers with CRT monitors and it doesn't help much. It's still not as bright as with the LCD monitors. So I have no idea at all how it's actually supposed to look and will look when printed. Can anyone help me? Please.

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I am guessing that your monitors are not calibrated and I have no access to the picture so...there is no way to really tell you how your picture will look like.
Not to sound like a jerk but spend the 15 cents and get it printed. Since it is a screen shot I am pretty sure the picture is lacking the DPI to really go any larger than the 4x6.

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My experience is that its a lot easier to get a pic to look good on a computer screen than it is to get it to look good printed off.

Like Joe says, you can do the trial and error approach for not much cost, especially at the smaller print sizes.

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