Haint Blue Porch Ceilings

squirrelheavenMarch 15, 2008

Interesting, just came across this -- linked below.

Oceanna, the dark Haint swatch they have is like a Giverney Green. Yours is darker.

Here is a link that might be useful: The Legend of Haint Blue

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Thanks squirrel. That's the colour I want on my living room ceiling. I don't see Giverney Green on the BM colour palette. Do you know which company it is?

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Thanks for the 'legend' Squirrel, very interesting and fun.

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I love those porches-- they are everywhere here in the south! I want to use that darker color inside as well.

Squirrel, should we open up a GG store?:-) Maybe we should get a few samples of it from different companies?

budge1, Squirrel and I made up that name on another thread! GG is a green blue that is the colors of shutters and garden furniture in a lot of French gardens. It's gorgeous...

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Oh, you guys are hilarious. But come on, what's taking you so long. You should already have GG in production - customers are lining up here. I'll take a gallon in flat and another quart in satin :-)

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"S & D Haint Paints" (as in, Aint Paint?)

GG and Eggplant....that's all we got right now. Oh, no, we also have Buttercream and Wedding Cake White.

Squirrel, we need to beef up our offerings!;-)

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I am not a big blue fan but if I ever need to ward off or deter evil spirits Haint Blue it is.

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Aint Paint~Perfect name for a paint company that doesn't exist! Yor too funny.

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Funny, those swatches on the article look nothing like the photos. I think the Haint Blue is a blue-blue, like the photos, isn't it?

The swatches look to be in the area of RH's SS line.

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! Maybe that's my brand -- Squirrely-mixes -- from the HAint Paint line of paints, lol. Too funny : )

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'Cause it haint blue and it haint green?

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We used a mix from the local BM store. They call it Dirt Dauber Blue.

pre-light trim...

Here is a link that might be useful: blue porch ceilings

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Lori A. Sawaya

Squirrle, to some the idea of Haint Blue is indeed blue-blue. Light blue, baby blue, sky blue, pale blue, pastel blue. Those flavors of blue on porch ceilings likely started with the Victorians, but would not meet the spiritual notions of Haint Blue.

There's a whole bunch of theories that goes with the Victorian blue porch ceilings. From helping to reflect light into the home to mimicking the blue sky while under roof to keeping wasps from building nests, etc.

Haint Blue when put in practice to ward off spirits is a not a dulled or pale blue. The color is strong and saturated even when the value is light. Paint colors back in the day were mixed by hand, not computer formulas, so you'll find all different versions of Haint Blue from perwinkle to blue-greens.

I have the samples from the Savannah H.S. They are blue-green. You can definitely see a green side to the colors.

If you ask for Haint Blue at a paint store and they produce a chip and says "this is Haint Blue", it's simply a case of someone choosing a color from that brand's collection that meets a general expectation of what Haint Blue should look like so they have a chip to hand to their customer who ask for the color.

The Savannah H.S. was likely no different. In the 80's someone made a decision to call these colors Haint Blue. It wasn't too well received when they did it either. Haint Blue is a culturally iconic hue, and the Savannah H.S. deciding to specify a color as *the* Haint Blue offended some people. People for whom the color is meaningful and important. Their relationship with the color is not based on aesthetics or color fluff.

If you want a Haint Blue porch ceiling, I think simply choosing a blue that works with your house and strikes your fancy is a good route to go.

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After many paint samples, we decided to go with SW's "Atmospheric" for our back porch and small upstairs balcony ceilings, and it turned out great. It's a very pretty, pale blue (no green) that several people had suggested using.

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Interesting read, squirrel. Never realized that there was a legend.

On my monitor, the "Haint Blue Light" sample looks a lot like Behr's "Marina Isle", and "Haint Blue Dark" looks a lot like Behr's "Mermaid Net". But somehow the "haint blues" I've seen on porch ceilings in Charleston and Savannah seem clearer (less complex) than these two colors. IRL, the color seems a little closer to Taubmans W39 Robin Egg Blue. And the pictures shown on the link seem closer to periwinkle and light aqua with a cream over-glaze. Like funcolors says, it sounds like it's up to interpretation.

Good luck with that Ain't Paint! adventure. Can you add some wine red to your color samples? ;-)

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I live in Savannah and most of the porch ceilings are indeed the blue-er version of these different offerings...however, we do see all mixes, depending on the colors of the house, as Funcolors suggested to do.

aint haint great paint? :-)

oh, merj want's a wine red, squirrel. so you make color and i'll name...merri merlot or carnivale cabernet: you choose.

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