roadside birth, and i had the camera w/me!!

lianneAugust 25, 2007

these are a bit overexposed (i was shootin' high key)

first time i've ever been glad the newspapers were late 'cause we'da missed this

was shootin' out the windshield so i didn't know what was goin' on until we passed the herd...

when i realized she'd dropped her calf there, dude turned around so i could get pics

and that's when we saw the poor critter was all scrunched'n upside-down

nevermind that cows have been dropping calves in fields for millenia, i was convinced it was gonna choke or strangle or something so dude put his shoes back on, got thru the fence and righted it...then he looked at me and said "you didn't get that did you" of course not!! good thing i don't make my living as a news photographer...unfortunately, while she was finished delivering, we weren't so we had to leave...calf was trying to get up, would have loved to have gotten that, oh dwell

nikon d70

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What a cool time for you to be there! And looking at that angle of the head, you sure could have saved it's life. Great shots, Liannie!

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WOW, you guys did good, that poor baby. I love little calves!

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I enjoyed seeing the pictures and reading the story! Yes, you really did good!

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Great pictures!!
I love the area, farm ect.
A good mom, taking good care of the little Holstein!

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How cool and what an adrenaline rush...Right place-right time!


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What great pictures Lianne.


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