'dusting' w/diatomaceous earth

cathytx3April 10, 2011

I bought a big bag of this stuff and I "sprinkle" in the dog bed both inside and in the kennel. But I hear people could "dust" their animals with it too? How do you "dust" them? Does it include using a powder puff? Or what? I appreciate any and all help I can get.


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Hopefully you did not get any that is related to pools, that stuff has extra chemicals in it you dont want on your pet or anywhere near anything you value.
It should onlthey have DE in it...
Dust your animal but scooping some out in some flour cloth you can use this to pat the dog so the dust gets into the fur.
Try not to breath the stuff too much, it can cause problems later. So take the bed ad the dog outside to dust...
You have to reapply if the dog gets wet...It is okay for the dog to lick some but not alot...so dont over apply.
Your best bet is to use the DE with Advantage or Frontline IF you really have a heavy infestation. Also apply outside in the garden and on any rugs....fleas can lay eggs in these places. DE should not be used for too long or too frequently it is a stop gap measure - it is best to use the topical applicatins which stops fleas from reproducing.
Question - how big is your dog and how bad is your flea problem?

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First off..ONLY use food grade DE on the dog. ALWAYS use a face mask for yourself and an Elizabethian collar when applying it on the dog so the dog can't breath it in either.It is non toxic but the dust particles while applying can be harmful to both you and your dog's lungs.
Food grade can be hard to find, below is a link where I got mine

Here is a link that might be useful: food grade DE

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I want to make a bit of a correction to this reply. While DE can be harmful is large doses if inhaled, it is safer than spraying most insecticides and pesticides. The DE which is sold in the garden department CAN be used safely in a pets environment, food grade DE can be used on an animal and be used to combat intestinal parasites as well, though I doubt it has been used for that purpose for years.
Good luck

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There are many web sites that state the benefits of using diatomaceous earth for animals, internally, for parasites, as well, as for humans. There are many benefits for using DE to get rid of fleas, to eating or drinking it. You also can put it in your pet's food. Just type, food grade diatomaceous earth, in a search engine. I know that it is sold on Amazon. You will find numerous reviews for this product. I think you will be, pleasantly, surprised.

Here is a link that might be useful: Diatomacious Earth

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Thank You all for posting on food grade D.E.
It was helpful and informative.
I had just viewed a container of pool grade D.E. I was told there was no difference in D.E. products. I hesitated buying it. I use diatomceous earth on ant mounds. and in the chicken feed. The D.E. does reduce the amount of ants and the hens prefer eating their food laced with this product then garlic.
As I was trying to figure out if the pool D.E. was clean to use orally a woman mentioned that she dusted her cats with it and they died. I wonder if she she used the pool grade product instead of the food based D.E.
I did not know there was a food D.E.
I just knew not to use the pool product.

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