Hardware clearance oops

tinanMarch 8, 2013

Although I have been really sick I am plugging away at my kitchen facelift... cabinets are all painted and I've been installing the new hardware. I bought the knobs on Amazon for just over $1 each! The drawer pulls were $6/each but I only needed 8, and I loved the look of these. I think the cabinets look so much nicer "dressed up" and the paint will last longer without touching it so much.

Backsplash going in this weekend BTW...

However, I did not realize in this one corner, there is so little clearance from the larger drawer on the left tot he small drawer on the right that I had to remove the knob - after I'd already drilled and installed it! There is only about 1/2" clearance past the front of the small drawer. I didn't notice because I had the large drawer out for a while since I have t move the fridge to pull the drawer out and reinstall....

So any suggestions for flush hardware that I could use, that would not look too weird on its own? Maybe a ring pull?

I could fill the hole and touch up the paint, and go back to using the self-pull on this drawer but I'd rather have something on there.

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I think you are right, the low profile of a ring pull just might do it, I think it would look just fine. It will make for a good topic of conversation for newcomers to your home. ;-)

Love your drawer pulls, would you mind sharing the brand and model, I am looking for pulls as well.

And lastly, I love your countertops....concrete??

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Yes the countertops are DIY concrete over the existing tile! I am very happy with how they came out, much much better than the old bumpy tile with huge grout lines. I'll post before/afters once the backsplash is done and all doors reinstalled...

The drawer pulls are Martha Stewart dowel style from Home Depot, online only. they are very nice quality and good finger clearance. My only complaint is that the shipped was so slow I had to wait almost 2 weeks to get them!

The knobs are form Amazon, link below to the product. I think their photo does not do them justice they are very nicely finished and heavy/quality feeling. And you can't beat the price at $28 with free shipping for a pack of 25!

Here is a link that might be useful: Cosmas cabinet pulls on Amazon

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We have a similar situation in our pantry, with file drawers in a corner. Thanks to GW, I learned about recessing pulls (forget the right term). I think DH built a jig and then used a router, with a bit which matched the rounded corners (maybe a chisel too). I don't have a clue where I bought these but really like them, they are perfectly flush.

Do you know how deep your pull can be?

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Love the pulls!

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You might try a flat finger pull that installs on the top face of the drawer front. Ikea makes one in white that might blend enough to disappear. Here's a link to that pull:

Here is a link that might be useful: white flat drawer top pull

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