L is for

clairdo2August 31, 2010

lady's slipper

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Lunch with a view.


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Without a doubt, most of you will laugh at me, but for me, "L" is for "LOVE".

I first me Jan 35 years ago. At the time I was a long haul truck driver typically staying out on the road 3 to 4 months at a time. I rented a room in her house basically just to have a place to call home on those brief intervals when I would come in for a week or so. For the 35 years that followed Jan and I remained the best of friends, although it seems that when she was single I was involved with someone and vice versa.

About a year ago we realized that we were both retired and single so we began chatting regularly on the phone, she being in Massachusetts and I in Ohio. One thing led to another and on the 11th of August I moved back to Massachusetts and Jan and I are now living together.

Although I was seriously into photography as a semi pro in my youth I had gotten away from it until I retired two years ago when I once again took it up as my retirement hobby. Since then I have adopted a lifestyle which is aptly described by the Australian's as going on "Walkabout" where one heads out to explore his or her surroundings with no intended destination or time to return. It may be just a day trip or it could result in weeks or months before you return home.

I carry two Pentax DSLR's and a small assortment of lenses and accessories. Since we got together Jan has taken up the 2nd camera and is now a serious student of photography and both being on retirement we are free to go on walkabouts together whenever and wherever the spirit may move us.

Here is a picture of she and I reminiscing at Five Mile Pond, Springfield, Mass, a place were she and I once spent a romantic afternoon on the beach 35 yrs ago.

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Lawn darts:

Lazypup, thanks for sharing. Best wishes to you both!

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