Range Hood for High Vaulted Ceiling

gaylMarch 29, 2009

I'd love to see some pictures of range hoods that might work for a range I would like to put in my island....our ceiling will be 2 stories high and vaulted. We have a great room concept, with the great room facing a view and the kitchen behind. Our architect currently has the range facing a wall, away from the view and people. We have 2 islands, the one in the kitchen being almost 12' long. It seems like that might be the better spot for the island....but I'm not sure how to do a hood from up so high. Is it doable? thanks for any help.

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gayl, You might want to check out Francois & Co. They have beautiful limestone hoods that are spectacular against the wall. We have one on order
( The Normandy) for over our kitchen range which is against the wall. Our kitchen opens up to the family great room as well . We have a floor to ceiling (2 story) stone fireplace in the family room that will be opposite of the limestone hood over our range. This hood will be a hearth style that goes straight up to the ceiling. I think that a decorative hood against the wall can give you a striking focal point for your kitchen that can be appreciated from your family room as well. Our center kitchen island is 12 feet long. Our sink will be in this island. I find myself working around the sink for prep and cleanup more than cooking at the range when I have company. Just check out the website for ideas!

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Thanks for the info jctz. I will check out that site. I'd also like to know if you are happy with your range against the wall, or would you have preferred it on the island, facing the great room? That's my dilemma....right now it is set to be against the wall, but I am thinking I might rather have it looking toward the great room and people. But then, with a ceiling about 20' high, how do I vent it? If anyone has suggestions, I'd love to hear.....

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I can honestly say that I like having my range against the wall. In my new kitchen, the limestone hood will go from counter top to ceiling creating a hearth effect around my 60" range. This will be my kitchen focal point. Currently my sink is in my center island. My new island will be much larger (12 ft long x 50in wide) but will still contain my sink. I must admit that I probably spend more time standing at my kitchen sink, prepping food, serving the kids , laying out appetizers, cheeseplates, baking, and cleaning up, etc, etc. I like that I am able to talk to everyone at this center island as well as see into our family room. I think if a range hood is in the center island it might look odd coming down from a 20 " ceiling. I also had a downdraft vent that I absolutely hated. I wouldn't suggest getting one of those unless you didn't do a lot of high heat searing and cooking. I feel a down draft vent that will rise up from your cook top might solve your problem and allow you to put the range in your center island. But as I said before , it is my experience that they are not that powerful and don't work as well if you do a lot of high heat searing and cooking. I hope this info helps!

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Does anyone have any ideas on the feasibility of hanging a hood from potentially 20'up? Is this a really outlandish idea? Would I really be sorry if I kept my range against the wall to make things simpler? Would surely like some feedback....Thanks!

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