A few from Myrtle Beach/Charleston S.C.

ashelton80August 31, 2008

I wasnt really trying to take decent pics this time around, just snapshots of some REALLY pretty scenery. If you like history and havent been to Charleston, get off your butt...

I dunno WHO that goofy dude is there with my girl...oh wait...:P

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Ahhh, those are great!

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yes they are great! I like the way you captured the ferris wheel and I could walk down that road/driveway? any day!
Of course you two make a really cute couple!

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linda, yip...driveway...lined with 92 of those oak trees that you see....so...maybe its a road too...lol. It led to an old plantation house....beautiful place with tons of history. Those oaks are "live oaks"...they stay alive year round, and produce the most dense oak wood of the species. That is what the U.S. ship "Old Ironsides" was made out of!

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