sinks satin or refined brushed finish??

pghredMarch 30, 2011

i really like the look with satin finish. the brushed finish is about $200 cheaper. got the quote for granite today so the $200 cheaper is looking better now.

any pros or cons between the 2 finishes??

thanks for any input

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I would like to know this too. Anyone can offer any thoughts?

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I think in context of an entire kitchen; you probably won't notice the difference. If this is a good place to save some needed $$... I would do it. I'm sure the brushed is very nice. Think of it in terms of the whole.

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The way I look at it, although I also like the satin finish, is that in a year or two you're going to have a brushed finish anyway, so you might as well save the money. :)

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I looked at sinks for a short time till the fabricator I used offered me a sink, so to save money I went with it (he gave a choice of 3). I got curious about the difference because of this post, so did a little research, this is what I found, hope it helps: The satin finish is general finer / smoother to the touch but both the terms are used to described multiple different finishes. There are various ways of applying mechanical polishes belts / brushes to stainless steel each can have different levels of roughness and so finishes can vary dependent on the requirement of the end use. Ideally it is best to look and touch but not always practical often these finishes can be very similar.

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Thanks so much for all your replies. I will go with the save money term.

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