klaa2August 1, 2008

Took these with the Olympus 1010. I didn't bring the Canon D40X on this vacation.

American Falls view from Canadian Side.

Top of Horseshoe falls.

Horseshoe Falls from Maid of the Mist.

Butterfly 1.

Butterfly 2.

Butterfly 3.

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Wow! What fantastic pictures. I especially like the pictures of the butterflies.

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Beautiful! I've never been there, but must go someday.

Great butterfly photos. Do you know what kind they are?


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No, I don't know the types of butterflies. Sorry. There is a butterfly exhibit that is totally amazing. There must be ten thousand butterflies with each one being prettier than the next.

If you do go to the falls, I recommend staying on the Canadian side and visiting the American side for a day. You should see both sides as it looks very different. The butterfly attraction is in Canada.

The view fro our room:

Second Shot from Room:

Thanks for the compliments.

I was worried about bringing my Nikon D40X because of the mist and humidity but I did bring the Canon GL1 for video (go figure, the video camera cost a lot more). I just didn't take it on the Maid of the Mist attraction. In hindsight, the D40X would have been safe. I erroneously called the Nikon a Canon before. I guess I needs some sleep.

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Very impressive pictures...thank you for sharing!

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I really like the water shots...Cooling!

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These are impressive shots, Klaa!

It's been many years since I have visited the falls, ....when I was working in Toronto.

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Thanks. The falls and all of I saw of Canada was beautiful. Everyone should visit. There is so much to photograph. I was amazed at the beautiful flower beds and attention to landscaping. A cab driver told us that tourism was down by more than 2 million this year. That's a shame.

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The pictures turned out great. The butterfly shots are fabulous!
Did you see Niagra at night?

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Yes, we did. But, I am embarrassed to say that none of the pictures came out good enough to post. I was more concerned with video and only took some stills without a tripod. They came out blurry and a mess.... Guess we'll have to go back soon. :-)

I'm going to have some good video up on Vimeo soon.

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