Cabinet hardware questions....

geomegMarch 10, 2013

Our renovation is starting Monday finally!

I'm trying to decide what pulls and knobs to use.
Our kitchen is tiny, and we only have one bank of drawers 15" wide
I love the look of cup pulls and wanted to use that for the drawers. They will be shaker , would 3" cup pulls be a good size?

I'm thinking knobs for the rest. I'm not sure what to use for our 18" tall pantry.
Do I put knobs on the door or another sort of pull? The pantry will be ceiling height but shallow ( only 8" deep).

Are there " rules" about these things ? Lol...

Our cabs will be a creamy white shaker and counters White Macaubus.
I'm not sure what color either, maybe polished nickel?

Any suggestions for hardware?

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There aren't any rules - it's all a matter of what you like. If you go with cup pulls for the drawers, then pantry knobs to match other doors sound good. We did this for our pantry doors,

but those knobs could have gone in any of several places.

One recommendation: go try out the knobs/pulls you want in person. It's amazing how different they feel when you handle them. Some will feel unfinished or scratchy on the back side or be too small for your hands, and others will be just right. You can't tell those things by looking at a photo.

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This may sound funny, but the way I judged the pulls was not only how they felt in my hand but also if they could snag my earbud cords. I like to listen to audio books or music when cleaning and cooking sometimes and the old knob pulls we had would catch the cord and when I moved away, the buds would be jerked from my head. Not a pleasant thing, I will say.

So, I tested the handles I liked to see if they'd catch a cord or not. LOL Just thought I'd throw that out there in case it might be an issue for you or others reading.

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