Short getaway...

zitro_joeAugust 28, 2008

I am headed to Omaha for a month so I decided to take the family to San Diego for a few days. We arrived yesterday afternoon and just headed out to the Coronado Island to relax.

Any suggestion as to where to go, Zoo and Seaworld are already on the list. I heard of a place called balboa Park, anyone know of it?

running from the water

Dirty feet waiting to be cleaned
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Oh I love the dirty feet! Beautiful children.

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Lovely pictures!...can't help, I was at Seaworld, for sure, this is a must!


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Wouldn't you know...

Yesterday was Sea World day. I spent the night prior charging 3 three batteries and a battery grip. I brought the weather sealed camera especially for the part of the trip. Setup my backpack with three lenses, lens pen, lens cloth, lens cleaner solution. Packed and repack so that everything was accessible. I had all of my polarized filters ready, as well.

We go to the first show I focus in and take the shot of a dolphin doing a back flip, I had time it perfect. I look down "NO CARD" - what?

I had forgotten to bring my cards. I was so mad at myself. But I couldn't help but laugh, that's all I could do. I spent that time and effort, ohh well.

Today is Zoo day.


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