Digital or Otherwise?

pink_warm_mama_1August 14, 2013

Have scads of photo equipment based around a Canon AE1 and a Nikon, and wonder what to do with it now that everything's gone digital. Should I start over? If so, what basic digital camera do you suggest? Thanks for your help.

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I have thousands of dollars of Canon A-1 equipment laying around.

I finally went with a Canon PowerShot which is already an older model.

I like the newer PowerShot SX50 HS with it's 50X zoom.

The choice will have to be yours. You may want an SLR which uses the interchangeable lenses etc, but your old lenses may not be adaptable to the newer cameras.


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hmmm I'd always heard that canon lenses will fit canon cameras. I would talk to someone at a camera store

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Some will, but you will have to buy adapters. I wasn't going to buy all new lenses so I decided against an SLR camera.


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A few of the new digital camera puts the anti-shake mechanism at the sensor instead of in the lens's focusing system. The advantage of moving the anti-shake to the sensor is that older lenses are yet useable and new lenses are less costly. The camera body is more expensive.

For non-interchangeable lens cameras, it makes little difference where the anti-shake sensor is, except one camera maker claims they can use the anti-shake to shake the sensor to try to dislodge dust particles on it. This is more critical for cameras with interchangeable lenses where dust has more chance of entering the camera body.

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Film cameras are still awesome and can produce a GORGEOUS picture. It's all up to you. If you like using the fil camera and getting the pictures developed then stick with it. If you want the ease of use of digital then try it.

One thing I've noticed about digital vs film is that.. With film you actually try with every pictures (usually) and with digital you try many different things and do whatever.. since you can just delete them or touch them up on the computer after.

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Go digital, there is a big open wild world out there....

I love Canon AE1, it is such a wonderful camera. We were poor graduate students, spent one month TA income got ours when we had our first baby... we used it for years.

DH has a Canon Power Shot, I have a Canon EOS Rebel T2i. For some reasons,the T2i gives me a similar feel of using AE1.... of course, this is my purely subjective 2 cents.

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