Railroad Tracks...

juanitalAugust 20, 2007

I stopped here to practice...I wasn't real impressed with what I got but I hope there pleasant enough for you to view...Played around with a new-to-me plugin (optikVerveLabs) I was able to download into Irfanviews' plugins directory...


Olympus SP 510UZ

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Good job! My least favorite is the last one....my most favorite the top one.
The sepia was a good choice for that photo, I think.

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Pretty scene. And I like them all. Each has its own ambience.

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Lovely effects, Juanita!

I hope someday I can learn to take landscape photos like that! I still need more practice.


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Lovely Juanita!..I like those tranquil settings!
Not sure, is this a old abandoned railroad, the tracks appear to be twisted.

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Thank ya Rc, Carol, Konrad & Julie...

Not an aboandoned, Konrad..I think the angle I took makes it appear so...Use to be track for pleasure-travelling from Negley to Rogers OH...They shut that part down and is now being used for hauling dump...Everyone here was opposed but were just the little guy who speaks up...Just to be ignored...

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juanital, thank you for posting your beautiful photos. I followed your link and downloaded the optik verve program. Will play with it this weekend. BTW, love all the photos but especially the first! Wow.

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Thanks BeanCounter...That plugin is really fun...you'll enjoy...(I think)...

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