What's the best way to store digital photos?

audrey_gwAugust 1, 2008

I finally purchased a digital SLR after using film for years. I've found that I'm taking more photos now that I don't have to worry about how much film I'm using. But the problem is where to put them all, as they take up quite a bit of space on my computer.

I thought about getting an external drive especially for the photos, but those are a bit expensive. Especially if, as I've read, I would need a second drive as a back-up for the first one. How do the rest of you store your photos?

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DVD should be fine. Just make sure you keep them in a plastic case, in a dry location away from the sun. Back them up every five years and use are when handling them.

Store the images in the RAW format if you can.

I also suggest an external hard drive. They have come down in price.

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I would have to say go with an external. You can get a 500GB drive at Best Buy for $99, and trust me, it will take you a while to fill that up. I have a 230 GB with over 4000 pics on it. They arent saved in RAW but I wish I would have....but most of them are large files, so thats a LOT of storage for the money! The DVD isnt a bad idea at all either!

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Well I've heard CD's, DVD's and External Drives...HAve done the cd's, as of yet I need to transfer to external drive thats been sitting here...I lost a bunch of pics on another computer so I must say to use the easiest you can do with the time you have and are familiar with, NOW...Then make time to do on whatever else source you decide. Mine are saved as jpg's.

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I tend to agree with klaa2. I have used dvd's for quite some time and am not dissappointed. Whatever you do, back them up. I use cheaper cd's for that. Keep all of them in safe temp and humidity storage.

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I too, go the dvd route after saving to a 500 gig external....they are cheap. I also burn a couple of extra copies and give out to family just in case ,god forbid, a fire or theft were to ever occur.

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