finally! they stayed put

lianneAugust 6, 2007

some time after 5 o'clock, the air so humid the light was made soft...checked the bushes yet again for butterflies (they kept leaving when i showed up)...ah, there's four tonight, woo-hoo!

get to the bushes, of course the monarch and the black swallowtail see me and take off, but, the two yellow swallowtails stayed

they looked different, one had just a small spot of blue, made me wonder if females might not be as colorful...anyhoo, at one point they began dancin', or fighting...very pretty but i couldn't catch it, flittin' around thru the bushes as they were and me havin' to, at the same time, watch where i put my feet darndogs...i kept tryin' to get them both in the same photo only they wouldn't sit still long enough...was pleased when i saw this image :o)

nikon d70

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Really pretty, Lianne! I like the one of them in flight. Haven't seen too many around here this year.

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OOOh pretty, Lianne! I don't have much luck with them myself...


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Very nice!! You have a right to be pleased.

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Very nice Lianne.

What zoom do you have on your Nikon?

That's a nice color on the buddleia also.


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Very nice...

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You done good, Liannie! I like both shots.

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thanks ever'body!

eric, i just have the lens that came with it, it's a nikkor 18-70mm and the only filter i have is a uv to protect it (eventually i'm going to get a polarizing filter and maybe even a 2nd lens, also, i dream about a macro lens or the macro/telefoto lens like my father has)

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What beautiful pictures. I love butterflies!

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