hey :o)

lianneAugust 1, 2007

haven't been here for a while, just rejoined today and wanted to say hi!

oh, and to post some puppy photos heehee

they were born 23 july to my sister's dog

the parents are both collie/german shepard mixed

there are two brown, two black and one silver

their names are: Baden & Argo, Loki & Cicero, and Mica

this is baden

this is cicero, he has a white blaze

this is mica sayin' quit it! that tickles!!

argo has white feet, and loki is the shepard-marked female in front

this is jetta-mommy

and this is the guy responsible ;o)

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He looks pretty proud of himself!
Do you still have that cute kitty? The one that had something wrong (can't remember what), but was so photogenic?

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Hi Lianne...glad you rejoined and said Hi....:)

those puppies are just adorable...and yes as Joan has said 'daddy looks quite proud'!


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Ohh, wish I could cuddle that little soft furball.

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Hi Lianne. Welcome!! Love the puppies. They are all so cute each in it's own way. Mom is my favorite breed of dog. Pappa isn't bad either.

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