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snap58_in_wiAugust 26, 2011

Good Morning!

I'm hoping to get some help with choosing a new digital camera. I tried the Nikon CoolPix P500 and wasn't pleased with how long the lag time was between pictures & the focusing time....lost lots of pics of the grandkids.

I'd like a camera with a good optical zoom, little lag time & still have a macro setting. I don't want to spend over $500 if I can help it:)

Any suggestions would be great!

Thanks for your help,


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check out the Canon Power Shoot series. I have the older S2 model. later models may have corrected a few of the shortfalls. One flaw was when using the default settings, it tneded to burn out highlights. This can be fixed by moving the mode wheel from 'auto' to 'P' (programmable).
Now in one of the menus, adjust the exposure to -1/3 f-stop. This adustnemt applies only when the mode wheel in on 'P'.

Good features:

1. Very fast boot-up. Typically, is ready to shoot in 1/2 second after pushing the on-switch.

2. Fast image write and ready for the next shot. My delay between shots is 2 seconds, but is because I have the view time set for 2 seconds. After a shot is made, it is shows in the viewfinder or rear display for a short time to allow one to accept the shot or take another one. This delay time is adjustable and when set to zero, the required write-time between shots is very short. I find that the 2 second review time between shots works for me.

3. The auto focus is fast in good light. When the light falls below a certain level, a low level green led spot light turns on to aid focusing. This is effective over short distances. Learn where this spot window is on the camera and practice using hand positions that do not cover the spot light.

My camera stores images only in jpg format. You may want a camera that can store in other formats.

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