our house...is a veryvery fine mess (4 pix)

lianneAugust 3, 2007

so, this is our (new) house, from the rear, before...

and this is how it looks now

we are (ie, DH is) doing it by himself altho i did help sledgehammer down an interior wall heehee...but the tearin' down of the trailer is strictly his business...we're keepin' the stickframe portion (a bit over 1000sqft) only, and i'm getting to redesign it woo-hoo! when finished (100 years from now) it'll be one bedroom, one bath, with a huge living space with french doors at one end and large windows at the other to let in all that sunshine, and a galley kitchen, all heated only with a coal stove (we used wood in jersey), DH is going to carve out a new small basement with his backhoe (ie, toy) which is where the water heater will go and there will be provisions for a future furnace

the original owner had 15 acres, he subdivided and he now lives down a private lane (named after their daughter) that borders our piece, his daughter and new SIL live directly behind us in the old family trailer...this is one of our views of the mountain -- joanie, can you read the name of the lane?

here's a crop...

nikon d70

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Oh, how nice of him to name it after me!
Looks like you will have a lovely home, Liannie! And of course, gorgeous views. I can't imagine you in a home without lots of light. Thanks for showing us!

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Looks like you have a blank slate for landscape. I'll be right over. This is where the duck house and pond should go. Over here your forest garden. Fruits, veggies, ect. Put up some fencing, pigs / goats.

Looks like a peaceful place.

Good luck
Have fun

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Lucky you. I would love to do something different with mine.

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Lookin' real pretty Lianne! Bet you can hardly wait to move in! ;))

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thanks all!

LOL eric, you're right on the money 'cept i hadn't thought about gettin' ducks for the pond oh and i know just what i'll name one...puddles :oD

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