deck garden

lianneAugust 2, 2007

after i watered this morning i took some shots

my mother bought the plants and i planted them

coulda kept going but i ran out of containers and dirt

picked up the birdhouse off a junk pile after a neighborhood yard sale, my favorite kinda find :o)

her favorite color is pink, i added the others and she just loves the riot (me too!)

those are tomatoes and basil on far side of green swing

and i have a lavendar (*sniiiiifff* ahhhhhh) in the white pot

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Liannie, that is so pretty! Are you living with your folks or did you get your own place now?

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thanks joanie! it's my folks place, which we finally named Windhaven 'cause it's always windy here and anywhere their home is its always a haven for us kids (and our animals)

we're "living" here altho we do have our own place about an hours drive northwest, we're renova...reJUvenating that word from the code book as it describes what we're doin' better than renovation fact i've a few pics, think i'll post 'em for ya :o)

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I love that deck garden. I think that's what I should do.

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A wonderful riot of color Lianne, nice job! ;) Love that birdhouse you got off the junk pile too, that's the best kind ;o)

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