Can I offer a RAOK here?

quasifishApril 17, 2012

I don't want to do anything that will get me into trouble with the forums, but I have a stack of coupons and proofs of purchases (that can be redeemed for free product) from a commercial product my CRF girl used.

I would like to offer them to any regular poster here from the U.S. who might use the same product. I don't even want to be reimbursed for postage, it just seems like a waste to toss the stack when I know how valuable they were to me while she was here.

So before I post anything further, is it okay to offer something of that nature on this forum?

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I will chime in first and say that I would not have a problem with you doing that. I think it's a very nice thing for you to offer.

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I appreciate you posting your thoughts, cat mom.

I'll go ahead and throw it out there- for any regular poster here from the U.S. I have a few $1 swheat scoop coupons (expire at the end of the year) and a couple of frequent buyer proofs.

If you're interested, email me through my account.

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