Cat sick after surgery

JackMurphy10April 22, 2013

my cat got spayed 3 weeks ago, then had eyelid surgery last week...she was fine wed-fri she was fine, VERY loveable and happy to be home...purring constantly. She had sort of a hacking attack fri night like she couldnt breathe. Then she threw up all her food early sun morning. now mon morning and her breathing is short and shallow. She is taking a steroid antibiotic cream in her eye, did that weaken her immune system? is it just a cold that she will get over? any home remedies?

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Sounds scary. Call the vet as soon as they open. Especially given that she has a fair amount of recent medical procedures, they will tell you what you need to know as far as your next step. Good luck to you and your kitty.

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Short, shallow breathing sounds like it could be critical to me. If one of my cats was doing such a thing, I'd be on my way to the vet's office already.


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very likely NOT due to eye medication OR a spay done that long ago.. .but I certainly agree about getting to the vet ASAP.

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Why is she doing a steroid AB ointment in the eye? If it's for ulcers, steroids are contraindicated, and if it's a triple antibiotic ointment, those can cause anaphylaxis in cats when applied to the eye. You may want to ask your vet about that.

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