Have You Used a Thundershirt for Dogs?

marciascApril 19, 2011

My daughter's border collie is terrified of thunderstorms. I just saw an ad in the Family Circle for a stretchy cotton jacket that exerts a gentle pressure that supposedly calms canines who are anxious.

The person that wrote this short article said using it on her Lab was a huge success.

Has anyone here used one or do you know someone that has? Good or bad results?


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I bought one .. paid extra for a blue one with a stripe, got a plain grey one. Asked them to refund the extra money, which they did. But that didn't impress me ...

And it didn't seem to have any effect on my dog ... I recently passed it on to a friend with a border collie too .. not sure she's even taken it home yet.

I figured for less than $40, it was worth a try.

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Thanks so much for your answer. I sent it to my daughter. She could sure use something that works today as she is having bad storms with the possibility of tornadoes.

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Go get yourself a nice big bottle of Rescue Remedy, it wont take all of the anxiety away but it will help lessen it and the best things is you can take it too, to help your anxiety in dealing with your dogs anxiety :-)
Good Luck

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What are the ingredients in Rescue Remedy?

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Alcohol and natural flower based ingredients -check out the BACH flower remedy website for more information

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