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jengeorgesonMarch 12, 2014

Our granite was put in on our island today. I didn't realize till I saw the granite and sink set in place that we missed centering the sink on the hood by maybe 2-3 inches. When looking at the hood from the great room the sink sits just slightly left of the hood. I would love opinions on if you think this is a big enough miss that I should push for the island to be scooted over. I know it is possible plumbing wise but I think it would be a massive job to unscrew the cabinets from the floor and move the island and granite over. Is it worth it?

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Deleted mistake

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I never would have noticed if you had not pointed it out, plus it is only at it's most obvious when you know it is there and are scrutinizing it from just the right angle (straight on like the photo.)

I say it is hardly worth the effort. But if you have a particular personality and you just know it will bug you all the rest of your livelong days, then get it fixed. far better to do it now than after the whole shebang is put together.

BTW, your kitchen is already gorgeous!

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Oh, I beg to disagree.
First, you noticed. 'Nuff said.
Second, it would drive me absolutely insane and I'd be pointing it out to anyone who didn't notice, just because it would bug me that much. I have an INCREDIBLY ANNOYING ability to see things as little as 1/16" off. Used to drive my DH insane, but then he started to use my .. talent to his advantage when building.

You must decide this on your own.

However. Your kitchen is incredible. In the end, it might not matter at all!

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It wouldn't bother me in the slightest, but this is really an individual pain point. I made a piece of cross-stich with an error in the stitching that bothers me still 20 years later! Nobody else would pick it out but it's the first thing I see each time I look at it.

So, decide if this is something that is no big deal to you or if it will bother you every day for 20 years. If the former, let it go because nobody else will notice. If it's the latter, get it fixed now.

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Sorry, but you don't get to just eye this up. Using Pythogoran's Theorum, 3,4,5, get a perpendicular line (string, masking tape) extended from the hood center that crosses the sink island and let us know.

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Trebuchet is right, you need to verify if your eye is being tricked.

And as I am reading through this again and considering the photos again, I could see where it might be a much bigger deal once your faucet goes in. It may be hard to notice now, (if it truly is off-center,) but that faucet sticking up out of the island IS going to be a game-changer.

I am changing my vote to "do it now," because even if your eye is tricked it is consistently tricked, and sometimes "accurate" is not always "right."

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Agree. Once the faucet goes in it will act like a bullseye. If it already bothers you now, then you should move it.
What granite is that? So pretty!

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Thanks for all the opinions. It's definitely off a couple inches, the picture's not tricking the eye. lesmobo- the granite is River Bourdoux.

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Gorgeous kitchen! But I agree that the sink issue should be fixed. It is noticable, and will be more so with a faucet (unless you offset it).

While you're at it - the wire for the pendant above the island looks off-center too - but it could just be the wired hanging funny.

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annkh - the wire is off center too. We'll definitely get that fixed.

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Wow! I have no opinion on the sink being centered, well yes, I guess I would want it centered. But I really just wanted to chime in about how beautiful your kitchen is! Can't wait to see your full reveal.

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Thanks everyone for your kind comments on how my kitchen is turning out. It looks like I'll have to leave the island where it is. I talked to my builder this morning and now that the 1200 pound granite slab has been set it would be a major overhaul to move it. I'm sure it'll be one of those things that after I move in I won't think about anymore. Right now I'm overly focused on every detail!

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Well, bummer! But in the grand scheme of things it could have been something much worse, so...yay?

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I think most of the time people won't even notice the slight off centering unless they are standing directly in front of it. I think it looks great from most angles and no one will probably notice. Here's an angled view.

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You can totally NOT tell from that angle! Looks fantastic!

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Wow! Your kitchen is already several shades of incredible.

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It looks great and in reality how many times a day will you actually be facing it straight on? I'm betting once furniture is in etc. that you won't notice because very rarely will you be looking at it from dead center. Mostly you'll see it at an angle.

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Well, you know, it looks like there's an overhang on the right side of the island, so will you have a stool or chair there? In that case, the whole arrangement, i.e. island and stool together, will look more centered as it is now. In other words, it's not anymore the middle of the sink that should line up but the middle of the island and furniture to the right.

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nosoccermom - that's a great point!!

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Can you share the details of your kitchen? Backsplash, countertops, etc.? Really beautiful!

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The Greeks and Romans used to make their Doric columns wider at the top than at the bottom due to the fact that as you looked at a perfectly symmetrical cylinder it would appear thinner at the top. Making them imperfect actually made them look perfectly symmetrical to the human eye. Yours is slightly imperfect but looks great to me, and yes it would cost a lot to change.

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robo (z6a)

I think having the two faucets will really help as well!

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Instead of putting the faucet dead center, put it a bit off-centre, so it lines up with the hood. With the faucet being taller, it may make everything look centered.

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