Dog's skin smells like Blue Cheese, sour smell

arkansas_girlApril 11, 2013

I'm the one with the dog fighting/treating the irritated paws. I'm even beginning to wonder if it's not some sort of fungal infection or yeast. Does yeast smell like a stinky sour cheese smell? It's on her skin mostly I smell it coming from her belly and under her arm pits. Just today I noticed that her "elbows" on the front are irritated too. This would make sense since the paws do not want to heal.

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Time for a trip to the vet..........and preferable a dermatologist.

Having to wear a cone to prevent chewing has to be agonizing for her since it sounds as tho the paws are constantly bothering her. Sounds like whatever it is has now spread over her body.

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My dog had a yeast infection caused by an allergic irritation on his skin and it gave him a weird smell. The vet gave him shampoo that took care of it.

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That smell is usually due to excessive sebum production, often secondary to allergic and/or bacterial/fungal (including yeast) skin disease (pyoderma). But the primary problem is usually allergies, which are not simply controlled, though shampoos can help some. Agree with a dermatology visit, as that will cut to the chase the fastest, and you will avoid a lot of unnecessary treatments that may not work.

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I have the same problem with my chihuahua! The vet has tried several rounds of antibiotic and 3 different shampoos. It is back again. I guess the dermatologist is the next step. Would be interested to hear of anyone else has gotten an answer that fixed the problem?

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Here is a link that might be useful: pet supplies

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