Great news about Sweetpea and her pups

debbiep_gwApril 15, 2010

I just received the e-mail confirming that they will all go to the Tampa bay humane society next week.They have a great adoption rate there.The pups are already in Fl but will travel next week to Tampa.I'm to take Sweetpea to meet the same rescue lady next Monday/Tuesday and she will go with them.This is great news but I'm a little sad to.She will be spayed and get any medical treatment she needs and hopefully a right match up for her with a forever home.She is a great sweet dog even with her quirks.Shes learning to walk well on a leash.


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Good for you!!!!!

You saved another probable lost dog.

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You deserve a doggy-saver medal! Go ahead and have a good cry when Sweetpea leaves, then think about what a great home and good life she is going to have. Humans PAY to go to Florida and live!

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Once they are at HSTB, spayed/neutered and got a clean bill of health, you can watch them on this website:

Once they are adopted, they will be taken off the website - you can also call the shelter and inquire about them

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Thanks Olya,I've written the website down.Debbie

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