Upper cabinets - Bi-Fold Lift Ups or Single Flip Ups?

willyp5March 1, 2013

I'm trying to decide between two lift systems for my upper cabinets:

bi-fold lift ups

single flip ups

Curious to hear different opinions and experience with either. I've heard that the lift ups lose their tension after a while but not sure if that's specific to a manufacturer or in general.


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What height are your uppers? From the link:

AVENTOS HK works with medium and small cabinets, ranging in size from:

Cabinet heights from 11-13/16" to 24"
Cabinet widths from 15" to 72"

AVENTOS HF is ideal for tall and medium size wall cabinets that range in size from:

Cabinet heights from 19" - 42"
Cabinet widths from 15" - 72"

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Circus Peanut

I had the single swing-ups for many years in various German kitchens and loved them -- the only drawback being the occasional pinched finger if I was grabbing a plate near the edge and shutting with the other hand -- but this is a hazard of any type of hidden hinge, really. The mechanisms take up some space on the inside wall of the cab, too.

Those bi-folds look interesting; I wonder how irritating that hanging/folded top door would be over time?

I do love that these swinging upper doors don't hit you in the face when you leave them open, the way American side-opening uppers do. Also, you can open all the cabinets as you work and not have to shut one to get inside the other. I don't know why we don't use more of these hinge types over here...?

Blum is a good brand and the Aventos lift-ups shouldn't lose their swing prematurely. Check out Haefele versions as well; each brand has a different arc and one swing might accommodate your space better than another.

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For the flip ups (Aventos HK), the max height us 24" so that's what we'd do. If we go with the bi-folds (Aventos HF), we'd probably go with 30-36". We don't necessarily need more storage capacity so are more concerned about ease of access as well as looks.

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I've never used either kind, but I wanted to show the pictures for others who are as curious as me.

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