Moods of a place

rcnaylorAugust 22, 2008

Same pond, different "moods" and seasons

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Great pictures, love the peace and tranquility of the water. Is this on your property? If so lucky you to have such beauty at your door. In the one shot the water looks like it is on fire, very nice. I also noticed the bird in the sky on one..........

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Very very cool shots...A+

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Really nice. Number 2 is my favorite (in case we're voting!).

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Wow...Those are really beautiful moods, Rc!

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Thanks guys. And, to answer Linda's question, no, its not on my property. It is about a mile from my house. It is what we call out here on the plains a playa, It has been modified a little bit by whoever the owner is to make a larger portion of his tract useable. As you might have noticed from some of my other pics, he keeps horses in the property.

Its a nice spot to get morning shots. But, as you camera people can attest, camera angles are funny. There is no way to get really good sunset shots at this pond, at least not without putting on waders. I'm still looking for one of those close enough to use around here.

I probably need to move to the land of 10000 lakes, right Joan?

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Wow...some beautiful shots!


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