Catnip anyone?

carmen_grower_2007April 8, 2010

What are your experiences with freshly grown catnip in the yard? I planted some from seed last spring and my cats seem to be over-using it. Will they become addicted? Is there a down-side? Actually, if they keep this up, they will completely decimate the bed!

Sure is fun to watch them though.

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I asked my vet the same question last year because they were going nuts with it. He said there are no known side effects. I just restricted access because I wanted it to last a little while.

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Think of it as medicine with a punch. Cats eat greens to help either pass through or regurgitate undigestibles such as hair. Catnip serves the same purpose and gives them a buzz too.

I do restrict access with mine too though. If they're stoned all the time I'd think that they might get bored with it.

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I have some catnip seeds to sow. The pack does say that not all cats like all varieties of catnip. Knowing my luck my cat won't like the variety I have bought. But that says it all about my cat. He won't play with the toys I buy him but he will play with my laptop charger. He won't poo in his dirtbox but he will poo in my flowerbeds. He won't use the scratching post I bought him, instead he has the back gate nearly worn through. Despite this he is my cat, my master, and I love him.

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