Do packages of dried bread 'dressing/stuffing' ever go bad?

soozNovember 22, 2008

Hubby loves Mrs. C's stuffing/dressing cuz it reminds him of when he was a kid. I have no idea where he found the it, but he tells me he found this box of it, and maybe I can make it with the chicken tomorrow night. Well, it's dusty but still sealed, and the 2 pkgs inside are still sealed too.

I looked all over the box, trying to find an expiration date, and there is none.

Is this still good to make? I'm thinking maybe he brought it home from work and it's at least from Easter of this year, but who knows?



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If it's fromk Easter it's fine...if it's from Christmas...likely the fats arfe rancid.
Lida Cn

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Yes, it can take on a musty taste. Give it a sniff. If it smells "old", toss it.

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After many months on the shelf, you may find tiny beetles in it. Always an unpleasant surprise (though probably good protein!)

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Thanks for all the helpful info! I actually opened the box and looked for beetles and stuff inside the sealed packages of dried bread, and lo & behold, the inside packages DID have an expiration date...of 2009 ! I also didn't see any beetles or anything so they are good to go!

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amazing what an unfamiliar lap-top does to my already awful typing!!

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